Best racing games for PS5

Top Racing Games For PlayStation 5

Racing games have been with us for quite some time now. With each console having its own unique racing games; PS5 also comes with some of the top-notch titles. The console is a modern gen console packing within a lot of capability. The PS5 offers gamers a unique and modern visual experience with next-gen graphics. We have carefully curated a list containing some of the best racing games for PS5 that you can try.

1. Gran Turismo 7

Sony’s very own racing game and one of the many reasons why people buy a PS5. The game is an incredible racing simulator that will grab your eye in no time. With it’s undeniably advanced graphics and a vast car collection the game is sure to be one of your favorite racing sims. The game puts the PS5’s capabilities to its appropriate use offering players 4K graphics along with stable frame rates. The game is best enjoyed with a wheel, but you will have a great time with the dual sense controller as well.This game is possibly the best racing game for PS5 for many players worldwide. However, several other options are also available if you have already tried Gran Turismo or you don’t want to try it due to some reason.

gran turismo 7​ racing game

2. NFS Unbound

Our favorite racing franchise is back with its 25th entry in the racing world. The game brings back a lot of memories as it has been developed by Criterion Games,the creators of our favorite titles; NFS Most Wanted and NFS hot pursuit. The game features a unique art style making the game much more brilliant and enjoyable. A vast car collection can be found in the game that can be bought and customized, just like the older games. NFS unbound contains amazing visuals, paired with a classical storyline and exciting cop chases which gives the game a nostalgic touch.

nfs unbound best racing games

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3. F1 2022

F1 2022 is the most realistic F1 racing simulator that you can find on the market currently. EA and codemasters did a great job putting this masterpiece out for the PS5 with ultimate graphics and visuals, a brand new story mode, an action packed career mode, a fun multiplayer mode, and a whole lot more in this brand new F1 game. The game contains a number of tracks and many races for you to play, making this game one of the best racing games on the PS5.

f1 racing game

4. Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is the perfect off road racing simulator if you are looking for one. The one thing that Gran Turismo quite lacks is a good off road driving experience. But with Dirt 5 you will get to feel the ultimate off road driving like never before. The game offers realistic dirt and mud physics unlike any other racing game and is based purely for off road fun. The game contains a huge variety of maps and cars that can be customized. The game comes with immense details on the PS5 with 4K graphics support and a whole lot better visuals than the previous games.

dirt 5 ps5 racing game

5. Wreckfest

Wreckfest is a fun game where you have to demolish your opponent’s vehicle and wreak chaos all around you. No matter what your vehicle is, your aim is to demolish your opponent in this action-packed demolition derby. The game was a flop on the PS4 due to choppy gameplay and unstable frame rates, but has got a second chance on the PS5 and has made an improvement in both the gameplay and the optimization. The game contains a lot of fun modes and vehicles to play with, making it a considerable racing or as you might say destruction game.

wreckfest ps5 game

6. Moto GP 2022

Moto GP 2022 is one of the most advanced and the best bike racing games on the PS5 with epic graphics, visuals, vehicle models, many maps, and a prime focus on the gameplay. The game features an ultimate gameplay mechanism with advanced physics.The game offers an interesting storyline, an enjoyable campaign, and a multiplayer mode.

moto gp 2022 top racing ps5 game

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7. Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade style racing game that contains modern-day physics along with arcade toy box gameplay experience. The game is great for players who are fans of hot wheels and those who love collecting cars. The game contains many classic and new gen cars along with some unique DLC cars like the street fighter 5 series which is a treat for car lovers. Numerous thrilling and exciting maps can be found in the game where players can play around and have fun in a single player campaign mode or the multiplayer mode.

hot wheels unleashed ps5 game

8. Art of Rally

Art of Rally is a fun and simple arcade style rally game where players have access to numerous exciting vehicles and plenty of maps to play in. The game features a simple gameplay mechanism with basic physics and is a good way to spend some time if you are a fan of off-road rally racing.

art of rally ps5 racing game


9. WRC Generations

WRC Generations is a dedicated rally game and one of the best racing games on PS5.The game offers a variety of cars to try in a variety of different locations. The game contains the best rally physics paired with 4K visuals making up for the perfect rally experience that you can currently find on the PS5.

wrc generations ps5

10. GRID Legends

GRID legends is a fun arcade style circuit racing game having epic graphics and a prime focus on the gameplay with extreme modern physics. The game offers over 100 cars and many tracks. There is a lot to explore in the game itself and is a great alternative to other major racing titles like Gran Turismo and NFS.

grid legends top ps5 racing game