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List Of Top 10 Storyline Games PS4

PS 4 has been one of the most selling consoles in the history of Sony. With its tenth year on the market, PS4 has proven to be Sony’s masterpiece. People still enjoy playing games when it comes to the PS4 because the specs and the games are excellent. 

Today we will talk about some of the Best Story PS4 Games available on the internet according to the rating given by the audience.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2
  2. GTA V
  3. The Last of Us Part II
  4. God of War
  5. Uncharted 4
  6. Witcher 3
  7. Detroit: Become Human
  8. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn
  10. Bloodborne

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption is the best story PS4 game award winner. Rockstar did a quite job in the making of Red Dead Redemption 2. Although it took them a while, the storytelling with stunning visuals was worthwhile. 

The game featured a unique story in an open world filled with breathtaking details. The game features in-depth attention to detail, focusing on even the smallest object in the surroundings. No wonder the game won the best game award and is considered the greatest game ever.

red dead 2

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2. GTA V

GTA V is supposedly the best open-world adventure game where players are granted absolute freedom to commit crimes all around them. The game is a so-called felony simulator where players can do whatever they want, from breaking the law to killing the NPCs. 

The game features a thrilling best storyline games ps4 with three playable characters, each having its own missions, side quests, and a linked storyline. GTA V offers stunning graphics with brilliant sound effects and great vehicle models. It is one of the top story ps4 games in the world as of 2023. Rockstar has announced the release of GTA VI to be soon enough in the near future.

grand auto

3. The Last Of Us Part II

The last of us part 2 is the sequel to the original last of us game. These best storyline ps4 games feature fantastic attention to detail and an emotional storyline. In part 2, Ellie sets on a journey to seek justice from those who have hurt her, and as she continues her journey, she finds many challenges along the way. She is met with her devastating emotional and physical decisions. The game is a great action-adventure game with excellent characters and a top-notch storyline.

the last of us

4. God Of War

God of war is one of the best storyline PS4 games title that gained much appreciation from players. The game features a slow-paced storyline due to the change in Kratos, who now has his son along with him on the journey. 

Kratos is no longer a madman who wishes to rush into creatures and kill them immediately; instead, he now has responsibilities of his son on him, which makes up for a far better story that will be continued in the prequel GOW Ragnarok.

god of war storyline ps4 game


5. Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is the story of a treasure hunter Nathan Drake who has retired from his job but is set on a journey to find a lost treasure with someone he once knew. The game features thrilling mechanics, stunning visuals, an engaging storyline, and breathtaking locations. The thing which makes the game so enjoyable is the interactable environment and the awesome cinematics.

uncharted 4 best story ps4 games

6. Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is a fantasy adventure game based on a book where players control Geralt, who is set on a journey to protect his loved ones from wild predators. The game features an intriguing 60-hour story, unique side quests, and a breathtaking environment. It is one of the best ps4 games with a story.

The game focuses on attention to detail to the point where if you get lost in the game for over 100 hours, you still will not be able to discover everything in the game completely. The game also has a Netflix adaptation which is a pleasure to watch.

the witcher wild hunter

7. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit is a futuristic story game where players are in a world where all the work is done by androids, who are human-like intelligent machines. You are in control of three androids, each having their own storyline; Connor is a police officer investigating the strange behaviors of the Androids, Kara is a housekeeper and Markus is a caretaker who develops free will and lets off fellow rebels. 

The game requires players to make decisions that will ultimately affect the gameplay and the storyline meaning that the players are responsible for how the story progresses.


8. Marvel's Spider-Man

We are all aware of the spider-man from the movies and the comics, and now the famous spider-man also has a video game adaptation. The game features breathtaking graphics and visuals, an exciting storyline games ps4 with an amazing physics. 

The game offers addictive physics with the flipping and soaring mechanics swinging across the city, fighting gigantic, terrifying villains, becoming the neighborhood spidey, and saving the day. You’ll unlock a number of suits as you progress in the game and by completing specific tasks.

spider man storyline ps4 game

9. Horizon Zero Dawn

The game is set in a world where a apocalypse has taken place and humans live with machines altogether. You are set on a journey in an open-world environment that is utterly different from the open-world games you may have played before. In this best ps4 games with a story you are in control of a hunter ‘Alloy’ who aims to protect her tribe and unmask the mystery of what destroyed the world like this and sent it back to the old times.

horizon ps4 games

10. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a horror-action-adventure game that will make you rage like never before. The game is created by the developers of the Dark Soul series. In Bloodborne, players are allowed to create a custom character and find themselves in the city of Yharnam, where a mysterious strain of blood is said to be present that can heal any affliction. Best story ps4 games contain all the elements which this game is containing.

You have to obtain this blood strain and save the city from the widespread illness. On your journey to finding the blood, you will encounter many monsters and horrifying creatures luring across the city with the sole aim of killing you. Embark on the journey and hold your controllers tight in this gory action horror game.