Best 30 Categories of Games In 2023

Welcome to the world of gaming, where there’s different Categories of games for everyone, from kids to adults, and for every gaming preference.

In 2023, all video games genres have been upgraded and expanded, offering a variety of exciting experiences that satisfy a diverse gaming community.

Whether you’re a fan of action-packed adventures, brainstorming puzzles, or engaging storytelling, we have mentioned every game type that suits your taste.

At NewOne Games, we understand the ever-growing gaming world can be overwhelming, and that’s why our team has carefully curated a list of the 30 Top Games Genres in 2023.

We have the thrilling mysteries of detective games, shooting games, survival games and much more.

Game Genres List:

  1. Action Games
  2. Sports Games
  3. Battle Royal Games
  4. Action Adventure Games
  5. Role Playing Games (RPG)
  6. Adventure Games
  7. Racing Games
  8. Fighting Games
  9. Real-Time Strategy Games
  10. Simulation Games
  11. First-Person Shooter
  12. Party Games
  13. Platform Games
  14. Playing Card Games
  15. Puzzle Games
  16. Shooter Games
  17. Arcade Video Games
  18. Casual Games
  19. Survival Games
  20. Rhythm Games
  21. Art Games
  22. Educational Games
  23. Stealth Games
  24. Animal Games
  25. Cooking Games
  26. Beauty Games
  27. Dress Up Games
  28. Fashion Games
  29. Board Games
  30. Mystery Games

Now lets see these games genres in detail! 

1. Action Games

First game category in 10 Top Games Categories in 2023 is Action games.

First Person Shooter

This category is preferred by gaming fans globally, which means gamers love to experience breathtaking gameplay through the missions in this gaming genre. It is one of the trending forms of the gaming category due to its fan base that  keeps growing with every passing day.

Action games comprises of sub-genres. Some popular action games such as Prince of Persia, Street Fighter, Cup-head, Mortal Combat, and Devil may resolve. See 9 best action games in pc.

2. Sports Games

This gaming category has a huge fan base on account of real-life sports.

football games categories online

The games such as footballbasketball, cricket, baseball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, and air hockey are the main examples of this gaming category. Sports games simulate traditional physical sports wherein the opposing team is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). In the sports category of football the famous game is FIFA series.

The FIFA 12 game holds the record of a moderate-selling sports game, which sold millions of quantities after its release in a very short time period.

3. Battle Royale Games

Battle royale games allow connecting a player to another player or connects a team with another in real-time. 

top battle games in 2022

This gaming category is the bestselling game around the world. Battle Royale Game is a completely new game class. This category takes the world by storm in a short period of two (2) years.

The accomplishment of two (2) well-known games yet. Fortnite Battle Royale and Player’s Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some of the common examples of Battle royale Games are Fortnite, PUBG, Super Animal Royale, Totally accurate battlegrounds, rust, and call of duty.

4. Action Adventure Games

best action adventure games in 2022

The action-Adventure Gaming genre is a combination of two (2) elements, action plus adventure gaming genres.

This fabulous category has ascended to include games in a broad range of specific concepts, along with expressing video game platforms. The key factors of this gaming category are examined to comprise an element of action games.

Some of the common examples of Action Adventure Games are Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Red Dead Redemption, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man.

5. Role Playing Games (RPG)

best role playing games categories in 2022

Role-Playing Games abbreviated as RPGs, in this gaming category player, controls a fictional character that takes a challenge in an imaginary world.

The gaming genre of Role-playing games (RPG), this category is continuously increasing its origins through common and famous games like under-tale, the last story, and breath of fire. 

Best Video Game Genres

6. Adventure Games

Legacy of Adventure games is about 5 decades ago. Adventure games are one of the vintage gaming genres, people thought that this gaming category is the pillar of the gaming industry, while they are still being developed and purchased.

Whereas the market share of Adventure games is compact in recent dates, this category is merging with the well-known gaming categories the Action-Adventure Genre. 

10 top categories adventure games

7. Racing Games

The racing game category resembles real-life racing events. 

top racing games in 2022

This gaming genre boosts the emotions of the players. A high volume competing gaming genre in the gaming industry. Racing games are variable in a different racing modes such as drag race, motorbike race, horse racing, and 1st runner race.

A Few examples of racing gaming genres are Driver: San Francisco, Forza Horizon, Traffic Rider, and Real Bike Racing.

8. Fighting Games

Fighting games hold the record since they landed in the market for the very first time. 

free game fighting games

This gaming category is loved by everyone around the globe.
Fighting games are usually liked and preferred by the fans of UFC, WWE or you can say this gaming genre is loved by those people who want to become a fighter or love to see fights, wrestling or UFC and any other fighting tournaments around the world.
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This gaming genre is full of entertainment since the 3D development in the fighting game has evolved in the business all moves and hits seems absolutely real as they take you in the real fighting imaginations. 
A few examples of fighting games are Tekken, Street Fighter, King of Fighter, WWE, UFC, Mortal Combat vs DC Universe, Swords fight.

9. Real-Time Strategy Games

With the upgradation of smartphones, this gaming category, Real Time Strategy Games (RTG) has also evolved. 

top 10 strategy games

This gaming genre is preferred by gamers around the globe or you can say that this gaming genre is also a kind of mental exercise that will impel the players to anticipate and act quickly to get victory in this game.

A few examples of this gaming genre is the Divinity: Original sin 2, Triangle strategy, AI War, and Final Fantasy 7.

10. Simulation Games

In 10 Top Games Categories in 2023, this category is on number 10.

ultimate car driving simulator categories

This gaming genre is described by its name “simulation” which relates to the real-life activities we do. This form of gaming genre is increasingly being adapted by professionals for training purposes such as aviation simulation bus simulation, car parking simulation. 

Therefore this genre is preferred by parents for their kids to learn, a few examples of these simulation games are parking 3D, Bus Simulator, and Dr. Driving.

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11. First-Person Shooter

A First-person shooter (FPS) is a type of action video game. In FPS games, you play the game from the perspective of the character you’re controlling, as if you are that character.

First Person Shooter

The gameplay revolves around using guns and weapons to defeat enemies in a three-dimensional world.

FPS games are a subset of action games and share similarities with other shooter games.

Among the most popular game genres in 2023, examples of FPS games include Doom, Half-Life 2, and Counter-Strike.

12. Party Games

Party games are a great way to have fun at gatherings. You might remember games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but there are many more exciting options to choose from.

Party Game

Whether it’s a holiday party, a birthday celebration, or keeping kids entertained, there are fun games like the Saran Wrap Game, the Post It Note Game, Never Have I Ever, and Two Truths and a Lie.

These games are sure to bring laughter and enjoyment to your event.

13. Platform Games

Platform games are also known as jump ‘n’ run games. These are a type of action video game.

Platform Game

In these games, you have to guide your character through different levels consisting of with bumpy surfaces and platforms at different heights. Where you’ll need to jump and climb to move from one point to another.

Along the way, you collect coins or other valuable items and avoid from falling or enemies as it will decrease your points and knock out you.

You can find free platform games on websites like and Have fun exploring these games!

14. Playing Card Games

Online card games are digital versions of traditional card games, like Poker, Bridge, Rummy, and Solitaire.

Playing Card Game

You can play them on your desktop, smartphone, or on websites for free. Popular online card game platforms include PokerStars, UNO Friends, and Solitaire Grand Harvest.

They offer a convenient way to enjoy card games with friends or players worldwide. Some may have in-game purchases for extra features.

15. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are all about solving challenges and brainstorming. Usually puzzle games are played solo and are often designed for mobile devices.

Puzzle Game

These games test your problem-solving abilities, like recognizing patterns, using logic, completing words, or understanding processes.

Other type of Puzzle games includes match-three puzzles, word games, trivia games, coloring games, find the hidden object and more.

This genre of game is a fun way to test your brain and solve different puzzles.


16. Shooter Games

Shooter games are part of the trending game genres in 2023 and are a subcategory of action video games.

Shooter Game

These games are all about defeating enemies using various weapons including firearms or long-range tools.

You can also use items like grenades and armor for extra firepower and protection. In most of the shooter games you’ll need to manage resources like health, and can upgrade your character’s weapons.

Some popular examples include Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Borderlands 3, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

17. Arcade Video Games

Arcade video games are found in places called arcades. Where you have to pay with coins or swipe the card.

Arcade Video Game

Basically, these games respond to your moves via joysticks and buttons on the controls and show the game on a screen.

In the past, people spent lots of time in arcades, trying to beat high scores and having fun. Games like Street Fighter 2, Space Invaders, and The House of the Dead were big hits.

18. Casual Games

Casual games are for everyone, not just like hardcore gamers that take long time to finish.

Casual Game

They’re easy to understand, quick to play, and don’t need much skill. You can enjoy them without being an expert and spending a lot of time.

These games are often available on PC, your phone, or online on different websites. Few popular casual games for all time include Angry Birds 2, minecraft, candy crush saga.

19. Survival Games

Survival games are about staying alive in tough, open worlds. You start with little, and you have to craft tools, weapons, and shelters to survive.

Survival Game

Many survival games are available online and they don’t have fixed goals like you’re a player at random world with different goal.

Like in survival horror games you will face scary situations like zombie attack and you have to rescue the public and yourself.

Examples include Craftsman, 7 Days to Die, and Last Day on Earth. It’s all about testing your survival skills.

20. Rhythm Games

Rhythm games challenges your sense of timing and coordination with music.

Rhythm Games

You follow the beat by tapping buttons or hitting notes as they appear on the screen. The goal is to stay in sync with the music to score points or progress through the game.

Rhythm games often feature a variety of music categories, from pop and rock to classical, allowing players to enjoy their favorite tunes while playing.

Games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Beat Saber are great examples.

21. Art Games

We have also listed the Art Game called an arthouse game from the categories of games.

Art Game

These games are a special kind of digital software art within the video game world, giving players an artistic experience. Playing them is like having a canvas where players can let their creativity flow.

A well-known example of a game in this category is “Journey,” where players go on a visually stunning and emotionally engaging adventure through a mysterious desert.

22. Educational Games

Educational games are specifically designed to help kids, adults or anyone to learn and develop skills while playing.

Educational Game

They serve a dual purpose of entertainment and education. These games cover a wide range of subjects and concepts, making learning enjoyable.

These types of games are beneficial for kids and students of all ages, whether in a classroom or at home.

For example, there are games Guess the Word, Choose the correct answer, or solve the sum.

23. Stealth Games

In stealth games, players must rely on their ability to remain hidden and unnoticed by enemies.

Stealth Game

These games emphasize tactics like hiding, sneaking, and using masks to achieve objectives without direct face off.

In stealth games, it’s really exciting to cleverly trick your enemies. An iconic example of this genre is “Splinter Cell,” where players control a covert operative, Sam Fisher, and must complete missions using such techniques.

24. Animal Games

Yes, there are Animal based games in online game categories. This game involves gameplay centered around animals and their activities.

Animal Games

Players can experience themselves in the animal world by taking on animal roles, being pet caretakers, or exploring virtual environments as creatures.

These games appeal to animal lovers and offer diverse experiences. A widely enjoyed animal game is “Zoo Tycoon,” which allows players to build and manage their zoo with various animals and exhibits.

25. Cooking Games

Cooking games revolve around the preparation and presentation of food as their central gameplay mechanic.

Cooking Games

These games are of different types, like you’re the chef of the kitchen, and you have to deliver food to the customers and get coins. Sometimes, you can buy new stuff or upgrade your café from those coins.

These games often challenge players’ time management and creativity in the kitchen.

“Cook, Serve, Delicious!” is a popular cooking game where players run their restaurant, preparing and serving various dishes while managing customer satisfaction.

26. Beauty Games

To all girls, this is for you! Beauty games are all about makeup, hairstyling, and skincare giving to characters.

Beauty Games

These games let you explore your creativity by applying cosmetics to create different looks, choosing hairstyles, and enhancing facial features.

You can also do skin care to glow your character’s face and make her beautiful. A famous example is “Makeup Salon,” where players can create stunning looks on virtual models. 

27. Dress Up Games

Dress-up games are about fashion and styling, where you can pick outfits and accessories to create unique looks.

Dress Up Games

These games are perfect for those who love playing with clothing colours and styles and expressing their fashion sense.

Either it’s about to dress up for a night party, beach day, college time or hanging out with friends.

One famous dress-up game is “Barbie Fashion Closet,” where you can dress up Barbie in various outfits and accessories.

28. Fashion Games

Fashion games belong to the top game genres for fashion enthusiasts. These games will enhance your dressing up sense by allowing players to step into the shoes of a fashion designer.

Fashion Games

You can create your own clothing lines and even organize fashion shows.

A famous example that falls into this category is “Fashion Empire,” a game where you manage your fashion boutique and design trendy and stylish outfits.

29. Board Games

Board games are classic tabletop games played on a board or surface. They involve tricks, strategy, and luck, often requiring interaction with other players.

Board Games

But now, there is no need to buy such heavy stuff as you can get any board game via online platforms on your PC and smartphone.

Some popular board games include Monopoly, Chess, and Scrabble. Many of these now have digital versions for online play.

30. Mystery Games

Mystery games are an exciting addition to our created game genres list.

Mystery Games

These games are filled with suspense and interest, putting players in the role of detectives or investigators.

Your mission is to solve puzzles and uncover secrets while working to crack the most challenging mysteries.

One of the standout titles in the list for mystery games is “Mystery Case Files: Huntsville,” where you become an investigator, carefully examining crime scenes and collecting essential clues to crack intricate cases.

If you’re a criminologist student, you can also experience a lot from this game.

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