How Games Help To Treat Anxiety

A Good Way To Relief Stress By Games

Gaming has been framed as having a bad impact on mental health for quite a while now. But if we talk about benefits of gaming then the truth is gaming has a positive effect on treating anxiety. 

As a gamer myself who has been through depression and anxiety, I can surely say that the only thing that helped me treat my anxiety. 

Read more about how games are a great way to treat anxiety, benefits of gaming and a list of games that you can play to calm yourself.

What is anxiety?

Before we dig into this blog, it’s prime that we should talk about what anxiety itself is. Anxiety is basically a feeling of uneasiness and mild fear or worry. 

The symptoms may differ in many cases, but some similarities are; Feeling tense, Nervousness, Fast heart rate, difficulty sleeping, headaches and restlessness. Anxiety is common among people nowadays, especially in the younger generation.

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Are gamers prone to anxiety?

Studies show that people who play games have far more anxiety issues than normal people. It can be possible that people already having anxiety issues become more drawn to gaming. Nevertheless, gaming is a harmless hobby if applied in a healthy manner. 

Gaming is a safe passage for people to communicate and interact with others, depending on their preferences, as all communication can be blocked off with the ease of one click. Gaming can be done with others or in complete isolation, depending on how the person chooses to.

The connection between gaming and anxiety:

Anxiety is mostly based on the individual’s personal traits. Living in a constant fear of what could happen next can be quite dangerous. When gamers play a game, they experience a feeling of freedom and find themselves in a new dimension. 

Playing single-player and multiplayer games can deeply affect a person’s feelings and treat anxiety. In single-player games, when players complete multiple quests and communicate with NPCs, it gives them a sense of responsibility and makes them able to talk to people in the real world. While in multiplayer games, when a gamer communicates with other people, it gives them a sense of relief and is somehow therapeutic to talk to someone freely without having second thoughts about them judging you. 

In most cases, communication only takes place a little, as the gameplay is quite intense in multiplayer mode. Yet games offer gamers an escape from reality and put them in a new world where they are bound by no rules and can do whatever they want to freely.

a gamer in front of computer feeling anxiety who doesn't know about benefits of gaming

Benefits of Gaming According To Science:

According to scientific studies, benefits of gaming include that it is a great source to treat anxiety as it offers players escapism. Gaming can also increase anxiety to some extent if a player loses or is placed in an intense situation.

Completing tasks and quests in games gives gamers a feeling of accomplishment and makes them viable to perform real-life tasks efficiently. Communicating in multiplayer browser games also develops the communication and social skills of less outgoing people.

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Here are a few games to reduce your anxiety:

Given below is a list of some stress-relieving games that can help your anxiety:

1. Candy Crush Saga

You got it right! Candy Crush tops the list, obviously when it comes to stress-relieving games. No wonder our parents and older people are always playing it. 

The game has a simple goal to match 3 or more same candies and complete the given task. The developers have set an energy bar which runs out when you continuously lose 5 games, and each energy takes about 30 minutes to restore. 

The purpose of this energy bar is to enforce a limit on the game and keep players from getting angry and rageful by playing too much of it.


Pigment is an adult coloring application where players can paint a variety of drawings using many hues and colors. 

Studies have proven that painting daily for about 10 minutes max equals meditation and can free you from stress. Painting sets you free from all worries of the world, treats your anxiety, and gives you a chance to unleash your creativity. The app costs 1.99$ a week.

3. Plants and Zombies

Plants and Zombies is a famous zombie game where players have to defend themselves with a variety of plants equipped with certain abilities from a horde of zombies that keep on coming with the sole aim of destroying your plants and attack you. The game is not just for fun but also trains your mind to be active and observant and how to manage your inventory properly.


Wordscapes is a free puzzle game where you have to arrange several jumbled words into proper words. 

The game features scenic backgrounds with breathtaking visuals and sound effects that make you feel relaxed and help you release stress and treat your anxiety.


Tetris is a puzzle game where players have to row a line using a number of incoming blocks in different sequences. The game is easy to learn and a fun way to pass your time and exercise your mind.

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