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Knighthood: Epic RPG Knights Close Now

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Knighthood: Epic RPG Knights

If you are a fan of turn-based role-playing battle games, then Knighthood is the ideal fit for you.
You join the world as a rage knight who aims to fight and become a mighty conqueror. You battle
enemies, friends and mysterious monsters in the game along your journey to becoming the
most outstanding fighter and knight of your time. The fantasy battle game is full of exciting
battles, unique monsters, and boss battles as you progress.
The storyline of this battle game is based on Knighthood – the epic world once ruled by mighty
rulers, and members of the knighthood have now fallen in the hands of the evil, corrupted Lord
Karnon. The acclaimed knights who once swore to protect the world are now corrupted and
have joined hands with Lord Karnon and aim to destroy the world with him. In this battle game,
you enter as a rage knight in the Knighthood with the only goal to become the legend amongst
the knighthood and be the hero the world really deserves. Your journey to becoming the best
knight won’t be easy as you will encounter many mysterious beasts, enemies, and corrupted
rage knights who will try to stop you but don’t let yourself fade away and become the great hero.
In this battle game, you can unlock new heroes, items, and weapons and upgrade existing ones
once you feel that your weapons stats are getting too underpowered. You can also level up your
knight and unlock new unique abilities that you will find helpful in the game when you battle
goblins, horrific creatures and beasts. Win rewards and treasures by completing tasks, and
upgrade your gear using those treasures to do better in the game. Select the perfect strategy
that fits you; choose your weapons and your heroes, and summon sidekicks to help you along
the way.

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