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Clash of Lords 2 Guild Castle

Clash of lords is a top-rated strategy game with millions of players globally. Become the greatest
warlord, train troops, and build an army to attack your enemies. In order to survive, you will
need a great strategy, powerful troops and a proper attack tactic. The game features immersive
graphics and fun sound effects to give users a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. The game
requires an active internet connection to continue playing.
You can hire upto 50 heroes with unique abilities and powerful troops to aid you in battle, build
your base, and protect it from enemies. Invite your friends and battle with them in over ten
real-time PvP and PvE game modes. Create guilds, connect with players worldwide, and
communicate and strategize your battles to defeat your enemies efficiently.

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Collect and gather resources to upgrade buildings and research and keep your city up to date.
The game offers free daily rewards upon logging in and many more exciting prizes as you
complete PvP and PvE battles. Gems and rings can be easily obtained by completing various
tasks in the game; In PvE mode, players can earn a considerable sum of gems by progressing.
The best thing about the game is that no matter how much you play, it never gets repetitive, and
the number of gems you get is very fair and balanced, although if you do spend money to buy
in-game items, you can progress quite faster as compared to when you play for free.
You can combine heroes and troops and use their skills together to make an efficient attack
strategy. Place defences around your base to protect it from any upcoming enemy attacks.
Upgrade your buildings and defences to give them more hitpoints so that they last longer
against enemy troops. Research and upgrade existing troops and unlock new ones to improve
your army and unleash your wrath on your enemies.

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