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Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl is the best cartoon game and has been ranked Google Play’s best competitive
strategy game of 2018. Badland Brawl is a fun multiplayer 1v1 game that features characters
from the badland saga who make up for your attack units. The game features an easy-to-play
physics-based gameplay, which may be hard to master for some players as it requires a lot of
skill and tactics. The gameplay is a blend of the classic titles angry birds and clash royale – you
sling your characters onto the enemies using your cards, each of which has a specific synergy
that charges over time. If you master to use your cards correctly, you can give your opponent a
tough battle.
You have a vast collection of characters in this best cartoon game, which you can upgrade over
time as you rank up. Combine the clones, form a powerful army, and destroy the opponent’s
towers. In this best cartoon game, you can battle with your friends and with players worldwide.
Unlock eggs to unlock new characters and upgrade existing ones if you have enough eggs.
Players can form brawl parties where they can learn how to use their clones in new and
innovative ways.
This best cartoon game allows you to play through various arenas, which will change over time
as you rank up and jump to higher ones. Remember, a higher arena accounts for stronger
enemies, which means you will have a back-breaking battle the more you go up the boards. You
can form tribes where you can communicate freely, connect with your friends, share clones,
discuss powerful strategies, and build your own brawl community. You can always learn new
and clever battle tactics from badtube, a feature in the best cartoon game where players can
see techniques uploaded by the developers to improve their gameplay and be a tougher

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