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Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a free-to-play multiplayer strategy game where you fight a war against the evil
blackguard. You take your army to beaches taken over by blackguard enemies and fight against
them to free enslaved islanders and explore the beautiful islands. You create your army with
players from all around the world and fight the war against the blackguard together.
Collect and gather resources, build your base and fortify it with walls and defenses. Upgrade
them to protect them from the enemy. Upgrade all your buildings, troops, and walls to increase
their hitpoints so that they last longer when your enemy attacks your base. Unlock powerful
heroes with unique abilities and unlock new troops by upgrading your barracks, form a strong
army, and attack strategically to win. You will unlock new items by ranking up in the game, each
of which will have a unique purpose. Explore the islands and unlock many new items and
abilities which will be helpful in the game.
Team up with your friends or players worldwide to defeat the evil Blackguard bosses and
uncover their secrets. Create a task force with your friends or random players, communicate
freely through the chat, complete various tasks, earn exciting rewards, and defeat your enemies
together. Compete in monthly global challenges and other events around the game and earn
in-game rewards. Battle warships against enemies in a new fun mode to earn considerable
rewards, experience points, and many other rewards. Observe, strategize, and Boom, the
The game contains many in-game skins and cosmetic items that can be bought with real money,
giving your heroes and base a unique look. Boom Beach requires an active internet connection
at all times. You can sync your progress through your google account or supercell id so that you
do not lose your progress no matter what device you play on.


Download: Google Play , Apple Store




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