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Beat Street

If you enjoy playing fighting games, then beat street is the best cartoon fighting game for you.
This game features a classic fighting experience with retro graphics that take you back to the
90s. This cartoon fighting game offers an exciting storyline with fun characters that give you a
pure fighting game experience.
The storyline in this cartoon game is plain and simple – you fight off gangsters and mob bosses
who have taken control of cities, and you free them from their rule. The game is easy to play
with simple touch controls. This cartoon game features impressive pixel art with old-school
graphics and an awesome funky soundtrack, making the gameplay much more enjoyable.
Defeat gangsters and prove to your master that you are a worthy and strong fighter.
This cartoon game offers a variety of fighters to choose from – you can unlock more characters
as you progress in the game. You can hit your opponents with various moves, dealing a specific
amount of damage. As you keep on hitting your enemies, your power bar will be charging
alongside, which, when it reaches the limit, you can use your special move, a combo of deadly
moves that will take down your enemies in an instant.
The cartoon fighting game is loved by millions of players worldwide, with a positive rating and
many good reviews from fans. Despite this cartoon game being so great, it does have its
demerits like everything else, the FPS drops and sudden lag, along with a battery-draining
issue, are noticed in the game by the players, which is a cause of poor optimization of the
game, rest assured the game is a must-try. You can play this cartoon fighting game alone or
with your friends for hours. You won’t get bored because the game has an engaging storyline
and a beautiful, immersive environment that makes up for the perfect gameplay experience.

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