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Conquerors Golden Age

A multiplayer strategy game where players find themselves on a lost island that they have to
restore. The game is free to play and is available on the Google Playstore and App Store. In the
game, you recruit brave heroes to tackle complicated tasks, build an army ahead of you, and
begin a new journey on the lost island.
The game features real-time PvP battles, which can occur on your territory anytime. Powerful
heroes with unique skills of their own are available for you to engage in exciting fights. Rank up
by increasing your city’s prestige and unlock new skills to defeat opponents and be the
victorious sultan. Decorate your city with various skins and gain different advantages by doing
so. Unique pets like White Wolf, Cheetah, Crimson Dragon, and Lion are available in the game,
which players can tame and take alongside them in battles. Players can take over provinces to
expand their territory and receive exciting rewards. Upgrade your buildings, gather substantial
resources, train troops, research new technologies, and advance your heroes to become the
most powerful conqueror.

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Players can freely migrate to different regions and rule the one which suits their playstyle. Build
your palace and become its King and enjoy new and valuable perks like renaming your
Rescue your princess by solving puzzles on Treasure Hunt Island and become the ultimate
puzzle master. Become the strongest conqueror by making powerful friends upon creating a
guild or joining one and conquering kingdoms with them on your side. Connect with players
worldwide, interact and chat with them in real-time, and discuss more vital and innovative
strategies to conquer and build your empire. You can also hold your enemies captive and
receive a considerable reward, but make sure you don’t get captured yourself. Indulge in this
strategic multiplayer game and participate in thrilling real-time PvP battles and many more

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