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Revenge of Sultans

A real-time strategy game where you connect with players worldwide and build your own empire
on the Mediterranean seacoast. You will be met with many challenges as you become the ruler
of this place, fight heroic battles and save your people from your enemies. Make your place as
the king and rule the throne by bringing peace and flourishing the country. The game features
realistic graphics, stunning sound effects and real-time PvP battles, making up for a good MMO
RPG experience.
Your enemies are relentless in taking over your throne by defeating you, and it’s your duty to
protect your throne and your city by giving your enemies a tough battle and proving yourself as
the worthy king. Plan powerful strategies, collect resources, train a strong army and protect your
kingdom from evil eyes. Use your skills to ensure you consistently win until you see that your
enemies are far from your eyes. Upgrade your troops and buildings, research new items,
migrate to new kingdoms, and attack opponents to collect more resources and exciting rewards
and expand your kingdom.
Explore the surroundings, fight monsters and collect new abundant resources on vast
adventures and expand your kingdom to always be on top. Form great and powerful strategies
to help your people, make sure you have ample resources to keep the city up and running and
assert your dominance over your rivals by showing them that you are undefeatable. The game
allows you to communicate freely with players globally, form allies to stay on your side in difficult
times, and rule the city together. Invite your friends and play together, chat with them, make
clans, and conquer the world, leaving your enemies behind you. The developers are constantly
working to improve the game for smooth gameplay and a good user experience.

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