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A free-to download, fun, interactive tennis game for all sports and table tennis lovers. The game
features eye-catching 3d graphics, easy swipe and touch controls, and fast-paced gameplay.
Smash some balls and have fun in this exciting table tennis game.
The game offers a career mode where players can play multiple modes like ranked games,
leagues, tournaments, and special events with players worldwide and earn in-game credit,
which will help buy new bats and upgrade existing ones. You can play events on a national and
international level where you compete with gamers globally and rank in the leaderboards.
A series of mini-games are also available for players to enjoy; over 12 unique mini-games like
skittles, half-zone, accuracy, and much more are available for players to try out and earn extra
game credits. Players can compete in many breathtaking arenas against real players or an
efficient AI that will test their table tennis skills. The game has over 10 Million download and is a
top-ranking tennis game on the Google play store.
Players can unlock better bats by progressing further in the game and can also customize and
try out 30+ bats in career mode. A number of trophies can be collected as you rank up by
performing various tasks in the game and beating players and AI to advance in the career

Table Tennis Touch

The best thing about this game is that it requires no internet connection and only takes up a little
space on your device. The game delivers a realistic table tennis experience with life-like physics
and lovely graphics in a small size, which is the reason behind the game having so many
downloads and why it is loved by users so much. Download this tennis game right now to
explore more and experience a realistic table tennis experience

Download: Google Store , Apple Store


Table Tennis Touch



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