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Evil Nun: Horror at School

The best horror game with 50 Million+ downloads on the Google play store. The game features
a thrilling, suspenseful gameplay and an exciting plot. You, as a player, receive a strange
invitation to a summer camp where you are captured by Sister Madeline in the Eagle’s Junior
High School. The goal is to escape Eagle Junior High School before Sister Madeline finds you
and commences her evil plans.
You can freely roam around the school and gather items that may help you escape from Sister
Madeline. You are met with a series of puzzles and quests around the school, which you must
complete to escape the school and regain your freedom. There are more than one escape
routes in this best horror game which you may find depending on your play style and how you
complete the quests. Uncover the dark secrets buried in the laundry room and the strange boy
with blue hands to proceed with the storyline and reach the end.
This best horror game contains several minigames that are also available, which will test your
skills and your escape tactics. A large map allows players to explore and discover the secrets
around it freely. This best horror game features two game modes ghost mode – where you can
play as a ghost without having to fear Sister Madeline catching you and survival mode – where
you have to escape the school and avoid Sister Madeline. The survival mode can be played on
three difficulties; easy, medium, and hard, depending on your skills, playstyle, and the level of
challenge you want to experience.
The Evil Nun is the best horror game for you if you like playing terrifying, suspenseful horror
games. You can unlock new weapons and customize your surroundings, including interesting
decorations for the school, fun and awesome skins for the nun and customize the game to your

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