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Hi-Fi Rush Pc Game

Hi-fi rush is a rhythm-action game where the protagonist chai, his enemies, and elements of the environment move to the beat. Attacking on rhythm isn’t required, as actions routinely sync up with the music, but through timing the button presses proper the gamers are rewarded with higher damage output and timing-primarily based combo finishers deal extra damage. A parry move allows players to cancel enemy assaults by using urgent the button at the exact second of assaults. Further to the beat-em-up action mechanics, there are also rhythm-based minigame factors where players repeat cues in a call-and-response style, or press buttons in rhythmic series based totally on on-display cues. The game takes place across a couple of linear degrees, representing numerous divisions of the antagonist corporation. Every division is based totally on a specific musical style, and chai engages in boss battles at numerous factors.

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