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Horror Tale 1 Kidnapper

Horror Tale 1 Kidnapper is an engaging first-person horror survival game which features a town
known as Lakewitch. In Lakewitch, many children are being kidnapped by an anonymous
criminal, and your goal in the game is to solve the mystery and find out this hidden criminal. You
solve multiple puzzles around the game and find many clues to reach the kidnapper.
The game features a magnificent environment, incredible 3d graphics, and exciting sound
effects. You and your friend Harry plan on taking up the kidnapper. You build your treehouse,
fortify it and place defenses to protect yourself from the kidnapper until your parents arrive.
Horror Tale 1 Kidnapper features an engrossing storyline with interesting characters like your
neighbors and many more.
The controls are easy and simple, which makes up for easier gameplay for players of all ages.
Pick up items easily by simply tapping on them and drop them by the simple drag and drop
method and assigning your inventory efficiently. Horror Tale 1 Kidnapper is an excellent horror
game which will have you addicted to it because of its exciting storyline, fascinating graphics,
and original soundtracks produced by the authors. Play with your friends and explore Lakewitch
city, find out exciting items and hints which will take you directly to the kidnapper, plan out great
strategies and catch the kidnapper in this exciting adventure game Horror Tale 1 Kidnapper.
You solve many puzzles, collect items you may find helpful, and solve riddles to protect yourself
and uncover the mysterious kidnapper. Horror Tale 1 Kidnapper offers a vast map with five
exciting locations to explore and complete the storyline. The game features many twists and
turns around the storyline, which may shock you completely. The storyline is entirely based on
your playstyle and how you choose to protect yourself from the kidnapper

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