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Jungle Heat War of Clans

Jungle Heat War of Clans is a cross-platform war game playable on any device or social
platform for free. The goal is to free the natural resources from barbaric raiders and take them
over for yourself. The treasures will be safe in your storage, but make sure you protect your
storage from bloodthirsty marauders with walls and defenses.
The battles in the game are simple, and every level is unique, so players stay energized. You
can freely navigate around your base and set up a proper layout, upgrade buildings and troops
of your choice, and plan powerful attack and defense tactics to beat your enemies efficiently.
You can fight against random players and even take revenge against those who attacked your
base previously, but be careful if you do not have a proper strategy, you may lose.
Participate in clan wars, tournaments, and many other events around the game to earn exciting
rewards and in-game currency, which you can use to advance in the game.
Jungle Heat War of Clans features fast-paced battles with many troops, military bases, and
several new areas with fun HD graphics and amusing sound effects. A wide range of weapons
and buildings are available, which can be upgraded to increase their stats, and new ones can
also be unlocked as you rank up further in the game. Powerful heroes with unique abilities are
available, which can significantly help you on the battlefield. These heroes can be upgraded as
you rank up and have ample resources.
You can log in using your social networks, and your game will be saved on the cloud so that
your progress will not be lost whenever you log in on any device. Jungle Heat War of Clans
requires an active internet connection to play. You can play with your friends on any platform
and build your base, upgrade your troops, create a powerful army, and defeat your enemies.

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