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Lionheart Dark Moon RPG

Lionheart is a top role-playing game for mobile which takes you to a fantasy world packed with
adventure and fun in an immersive HD environment. You collect keys, battle mighty bosses and
compete with other players on the leaderboard globally to prove yourself as the best fighter.
Protect your kingdom from other players and the mirror army. Collect and summon over 150
heroes in this exciting top fantasy game for mobile.
Players can unlock new characters with unique abilities in this top mobile game which can be
helpful in battles against other players and bosses. You can upgrade your heroes to take all the
damage for your mages as they cast spells, and you deploy your army onto other players’ bases
and when playing against bosses. Each hero has their own story; in this top mobile game, you
can unveil the story of heroes as you unlock them and explore further.
Form guilds with your friends or other players around the world, communicate freely in the guild
chat and form powerful strategies to take on your enemies, level up your guild titan for more
power in battles, compete against other guilds in guild battles and weekly events to prove
yourself as the worthy and most powerful guild. You can choose your guild titan from the 5
choices given to you and select whichever fits your preferences. Compete in weekly events and
earn exciting rewards, including new heroes and many more. Complete daily tasks and earn
rewards, build your collections of heroes and form a mighty army and indulge in the world of
fantasy of this top mobile game.
You can customize your heroes and pets with many attractive skins and cosmetics. You can buy
skins in the shop and earn some for free by participating in certain events and special
occasions. This top mobile game requires an active connection to play at all times.

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