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Dynasty Heroes Samkok Legend

Dynasty Heroes is an immersive Role Playing Mobile Game that takes you to the classic
Samkok adventures era. The game features the history of Samkok, where you recruit
Legendary heroes from different powerful kingdoms, train them and unlock their unique and
powerful combos and form the greatest army ever known to the world.
This mobile game has an engaging storyline and shows the heroes’ past in exciting HD
gameplay. The mobile RPG is an incredible experience that consists of over 140 powerful and
distinctive heroes, each of which has a unique ability and combo. You, as a player, take over
kingdoms and make up powerful combos and strategies to remake the history of the great
Samkok. The mobile role-playing game can be played with your friends, and you can unlock
new heroes together and defeat enemies.
Compete with other players in the leaderboard in fierce arena battles to achieve unique items
and rewards and rank up in the game. Create powerful strategies with unique gear and show
the world that you are the greatest hero. You can create legions with your friends or players
globally and fight for the legion’s honor and prove to the world that your legion is the best.
Players can freely communicate with each other through chat and form strategies in real-time to
defeat their enemies efficiently.
The controls in this mobile game are plain and simple, you can send your hero to mine and
patrol the ingots with an easy gesture of simple touch, and your heroes will do all the running
and working for you and bring you the riches and all the best items that you will need to become
the best hero possible. This mobile game is an addictive RPG that can indulge you for hours,
and you won’t even notice how time passes when you play this exciting mobile game.

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