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Three Kingdoms The Shifters Close Now

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Three Kingdoms The Shifters

Three Kingdoms is a visual novel game where you conquer the world with your girlfriend. The
game begins when you are on your way to work when you encounter a strange young girl with
blonde hair; as you confront her, you faint, and the moment you open your eyes, you find
yourself in the Mountains of Beimang in China in the year 1829. You now become an ordinary
man lost in Beimang, China’s mountains. The best thing about this novel game is that you can
rewrite history with all the modern knowledge of science and technology.
You conquer the world, take over territories, become a wealthy lord, hire powerful champions
like Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, and form a legendary army with all the modern
strategies and tactics you know. Plan and organize your attacks and surprise your enemies with
excellent strategies you have come up with and become victorious. Create a unique and
powerful army with solid defense and attack tactics and build your kingdom. This novel game is
a unique and fascinating find for players who love a great fantasy storyline and a unique visual
Make all the ladies fall in love with you and become the most outstanding Leader and King the
world has ever known in this visual novel game. Many girls with hidden secrets and a dark past
are present in the game which you will encounter like Ye-ji, the girl who holds a secret within,
Tang Qing, who belongs to the family of Sichuan Tang Family, Ji-hyo the mysterious girl, the
blonde devil, Cai Yan, the great musician, and a lot more as you play this novel game and
This novel game awaits you with three kingdoms, each of which has a unique story. You
conquer the kingdoms, become rich, and prove yourself as the worthy leader the kingdoms

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