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Rainbow Six

Release Date – Coming Soon in 2023.

The famous multiplayer action title is now coming to your phone. The game is still in its beta
version and rainbow six siege new season release date is not announced yet but it is confirmed that it will be released in 2023. Rainbow Six is a competitive multiplayer shooting
game available on PC and consoles as Rainbow Six Siege. The game is a strategic team-based
PvP best enjoyed with friends. Communicate beforehand and prepare the perfect strategy to be
the winning team
The game features the classic Attack vs. Defense game mode where players compete in a 5v5
in an action-packed tactical close combat, playing as either the Attack team or the Defense
team. You will switch between the Attack and Defense team each round, and the team to win
the most rounds takes it all.
Classic game modes like Secure the Area and Bomb are also available for users to experience
the original Rainbow Six experience on their mobile devices. Several maps from the renowned
Rainbow Six Seige are available in the mobile version, like Bank and Border. A number of highly
trained operators are available for players to choose from, each having their own unique abilities
and gadgets which are helpful in the game.
Like the original Rainbow Six, the game has a destructible environment; Players can breach it
with the help of weapons, the operator’s abilities, and gadgets. You can break through particular
walls, rappel from the roof, and even through windows. You can also set traps for your enemies
and fortify your locations to protect yourself from your enemies. Attackers can deploy drones,
breach through walls, and rappel from the roofs, whereas defenders have to reinforce the walls,
use spy cams to observe the location of their enemies, and set up traps to protect their position.
The game is under development and is being optimized for smooth gameplay with stunning
graphics and the most realistic physics in a small size. The mobile version offers relatively
shorter matches for a fast-paced gameplay experience. The controls and HUD can be
customized according to your playstyle and comfort.


Rainbow Six



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