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Rise of Empires Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires Ice and Fire is a strategy-based real-time war game where you build your
nation and battle against other nations. Rise of Empires Ice and Fire features a single world on
one server where all the players will come face-to-face against each other. You will become the
leader of a small town destroyed by the Eastern Dynasty and the mysterious Death Harbingers,
who has turned evil and hold the power of ancient dragons.
You build your empire again from the ground up, form a powerful army of strong and mighty
soldiers, tame mystifying dragons, hire legendary heroes, and help your companions in the
never-ending war. Rise of Empires Ice and Fire offers real-time battles against players globally,
and your aim is to guide your nation to greatness. Rise of Empires Ice and Fire requires
strategic thinking and tests your battle tactics. Your decision is what matters in this game, so
choose your army carefully, include the perfect amount of Footmen, Cavalries and Archers and
get a hint of your enemy to attack efficiently and win every battle.
Powerful dragons with unique powers are by your side; use them to your advantage and
dominate the battlefield. The game features a unique combat system that lets you attack your
enemies according to your preference, whether you like fighting up close or destroying your
enemies from a distance; Rise of Empires Ice and Fire has a combat strategy for all of your war
Rise of Empires Ice and Fire offers realistic, eye-catching graphics, a fantastic soundtrack and
complete freedom to build your city just the way you like it. You can upgrade your buildings,
research new technologies, train powerful troops, hire mighty heroes to aid you on the
battlefield, and build the most powerful empire amongst your friends and other players.

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