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League of Kingdoms

The first MMO strategy game owned and run by gamers rather than developers. The game
offers complete freedom to players. They can permanently own land, develop it, form great
alliances with other players and fight the enemies to earn huge exciting rewards. The game puts
your war tactics, strategy, wisdom, and dominance to the test.
You own a portion of land where you can invite your friends and build your kingdom. You can
actively participate by placing buildings and upgrading them. The more you decorate and
upgrade your land, the more it will attract other kingdoms. The game is based purely on
strategy; each move you make will affect your land and its behavior. Build up and upgrade your
defenses to protect your kingdom from other players.
Several resources are available in the game for players to collect and gather, using which they
can upgrade their troops and buildings. Unique treasures are waiting for you in the game; as
you rank up and collect all the pieces of the treasure, you will unlock new magical powers and
abilities which can be later used on the battlefield to outperform your enemies.
Alliances formed in the game allow you to connect with other players globally or with your
friends. You can freely communicate with your alliance members using the alliance chat with an
active translation feature. Great rewards, alliance research, and gifts can be earned by
completing specific tasks with your alliance members. You can set specific roles for your
alliance members, each of which has a unique function and limits players to perform their
duties. You can take down monsters, capture land in other regions, unlock many group
achievements with your alliance, and progress in the game together. Fight alongside your
alliance members, take control of other territories, and defeat other alliances by planning a
proper group strategy.

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League of Kingdoms




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