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Rage of Kings – Kings Landing

A classic build and battle strategy game where players rule over a city and build it from the
ground up. The game features real-time PvP battles and sometimes PvE battles as well. Indulge
in the fantasy world with a real-time day and night cycle, stunning 3d graphics, and life-like
battles. Knights, Elves, Toxic Manticores, Dragon Warriors, and other mystical creatures await
you in this legendary MMO real-time strategy war game. You can construct and upgrade your
buildings like farms, castles, army barracks, and hospitals to survive and do better in PvP and
PvE battles. Research and craft new and upgraded weapons, armor, magical items, and
equipment to help you last longer against your opponents. You can increase your battle stats
with the help of college and research.

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In PvE battles, fight against roaming monsters like giants and white walkers in real time and
earn exciting rewards and treasures. You can also attack other players’ castles, loot their
resources, and climb up the leaderboard. Collect and gather resources and spend them
efficiently to keep your army and city up and running; make sure you have enough resources, or
else other players will take the lead, and you will be left behind.
Attack the throne and be the most vigorous ruler, take over territories, protect your city, defeat
your enemies and show them that there can only be one King. You can give special roles and
promotions to players in your kingdom. Form alliances with players globally and help each other
take down enemies, speed up the progress of research and buildings, and plan efficient
strategies in real-time to conquer other cities and expand your territory. Chat and communicate
with your friends or alliance members in the alliance chat or personal chat. Warning: Don’t get
too addicted, as the game is a feast for MMO and strategic game lovers.

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