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True Fear Forsaken Souls 1

True Fear Forsaken Souls 1 is a horror adventure game where you play as Holly Stonehouse
and embark on a journey to find your missing sister and uncover the truth behind your mother’s
death. You enter your sister’s house, which is covered in darkness, solve multiple puzzles, and
progress further in the story. Visit your mother’s residence and find clues that will help you find
the reason behind her mysterious death, and visit the abandoned asylum to uncover mysterious
You can fast travel between all the locations using the map. Solve over 20 interesting and
exciting puzzles and find 15+ characters hidden inside the game to find their story as well.
The game features upto 25 thrilling cutscenes, which give you a backstory of the characters in
the game. Read through hundreds of notes and writings to fully grasp the story and solve
puzzles more efficiently. You can unlock upto 30 achievements by completing specific tasks and
solving certain puzzles around the game.
True Fear Forsaken Souls 1 offers breathtaking 3d graphics, crisp sound effects, and a fantastic
storyline. The game offers an intense adventure with developing suspense as the story
progresses. Follow clues and evidence to solve the mysteries behind your sister’s missing. You
can choose whether you want to play with or without hidden object scenes and unlock additional
puzzles, cutscenes, and hidden information.
True Fear Forsaken Souls 1 is a free demo that restricts players to playing only a limited
gameplay of one hour. The remaining game can be unlocked by purchasing the game, where
you can complete the story and solve all the puzzles and mysteries. Are you ready to indulge in
a world of fear and darkness and escape it? Explore more in this psychological thriller about a
mysterious family and an old evil secret that will follow you all around the game.

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