Minecraft Survival Tips

Best Survival Tricks For Minecraft in 2023

Minecraft Survival Mode tips is a classic gameplay experience that has stuck around with us for a long time now. Although, it may be pretty challenging to play at first for gamers who are new to the mode as it requires a lot of practice as one has to battle various monsters and craft numerous items all along this mode. 

However,Survival  Minecraft pros who have been playing this mode for quite some time now have observed some critical areas on which one should focus in order to excel in the survival mode. Minecraft survival guide will help you to survive in the game.

Best Minecraft survival Guide (Updated List For 2023)

1. Build a proper shelter
2. Dig Carefully
3. Always Carry Extra Torches
4. Carry extra buckets
5. Create a Never-ending Source of water
6. Always look out for the durability of your tools
7. Getting familiar with the Redstone mechanics
8. Organize your storage and always keep room for more
9. Mushroom Biome – The place of peace and calm
10. Protection from Enderman and other creatures

1. Build a proper shelter:

The first and foremost from the 10 Minecraft survival tips that a person should follow in order to succeed in survival mode is to build a proper and well-lit shelter with whatever material is present near them, be it dirt even. It’s better to build yourself a shelter as there will be a lot of creatures roaming around at night. 

However, it is necessary that you fortify your base and protect it from the zombies; for that, you can build your door one block higher so that the zombies won’t reach your base and break it down. In addition to that, you can also add a fence to your base to protect it from the zombies  and get a pet cat, as creepers do not approach cats.

build a proper shelter

2. Dig Carefully

The most important tip in this blog is knowing where to dig. Most players dig directly downwards, which can be really risky as you can easily be exposed to mineshafts and lava if you go straight down. 

To avoid this, you should use stairs and ladders instead of going directly underground. In the worst-case scenario, when you find yourself exposed to lava, you can stop the flow by using specific blocks like cobblestones.

dig carefully minecraft survival tips

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3. Always Carry Extra Torches

Best Minecraft gets quite scary at night time as many creatures like zombies and skeletons spawn randomly and attack you. Apart from that, if you are mining at night, it is difficult to see where you are going; therefore, you can fall into a pit or mineshaft and take substantial fall damage. 

This is why it is crucial that you carry around a few extra torches in case of emergency. Torches also help when you go exploring underwater; You can place a torch underwater that will create an air bubble for a short period which can help you regain your breath underwater without having to traverse all the way to the surface. This is one the best from 10 Minecraft Survival Tips.

always carry extra torches

4. Carry extra buckets

The another Minecraft Survival Tips is to carry extra buckets. Buckets can come in handy in situations where you have to walk over water or take a great fall. 

Buckets can serve many purposes, and it is extremely important that you carry around water buckets. You can also fill up buckets with lava, as lava can serve as a great source of fuel, and you can also craft obsidian using lava, which is one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft.

carry extra buckets

5. Create a Never-ending Source of water

Water is one of the most crucial elements in minecraft; you will always need water for your farm, which is why you should have a water source at your disposal. 

In order to create an infinite source of water, you have to go one block deep and make a 2×2 square on the ground. Then you pour a bucket of water on the top left corner of the square and let it flow; after that, you pour a water bucket on the bottom right corner of the square, and there you have a never-ending source of water. This is one of the best tips of Minecraft Survival.

create a never ending source of water

6. Always look out for the durability of your tools

It can be really frustrating when your tool breaks in the middle of mining or your weapon lets you down amidst the battle. 

Therefore, it is entirely essential that you keep a watch on the durability of your tools. This can utterly benefit your survival and make your gameplay effective and efficient. 

With this tip, you can also save a lot of material, as repairing a tool costs a lot less than crafting a new one. Keep an eye on the durability of your tools the next time you embark on a journey, and keep an extra set of tools with you.

minecraft survival tips image

7. Getting familiar with the Redstone mechanics

Automation is an efficient tool in minecraft that can help you do a lot of tasks quicker than you can do them manually. 

However, many new players may want to avoid this automation as it can be quite difficult to use at first, but it is a great and efficient tool that will improve your consumption of materials and help you a lot as you progress in the game. 

Even machines made with the bare minimum material can give off impressive results. For instance, players can create automated farms that will save them a lot of time and effort wasted on farming the crops manually. It is not necessary for new players to dive straight into Redstone mechanics until they get their survival mechanics right, as survival is a lot more critical than automation.

getting familiar with the redstone mechanics

8. Organize your storage and always keep room for more

It is nice to have organized storage, i.e., you can keep your food in one storage, your weapons and tools in another, and crafting items in another. This can help you efficiently go through your storage and quickly take out items at the time of need. And if you are familiar with the Redstone mechanics, you can also automate your storage to sort your items. 

You should also keep as much storage as possible so that you don’t have to worry about storing items that you may need later and don’t have to dispose of things you don’t need much. 

As minecraft only allows a limited inventory for players to carry around, therefore, you should create chests that can enable you to store a lot more than the average inventory slots while you go about your business. I think this Minecraft trick is mind blowing.

organize your storage and always keep room for more

9. Mushroom Biome - The place of peace and calm

Mushroom Biomes are best for making shelters and living as there are barely any mobs at all that will bother you. 

There is an abundance of food like brown and red mushrooms,Mooshrooms (Cows in the mushroom biome) that provide mushroom stew, and milk both depending on whether the player uses a bowl or a bucket. 

Mooshrooms can also be killed for beef in case of need. Mushroom biomes are the most peaceful of all in minecraft and are the perfect place to reside as you won’t go hungry living there. However, it can be quite difficult to locate the mushroom biomes but they sure are worth the effort.

mushroom biome The place of peace and calm

10. Protection from Enderman and other creatures

Enderman is one of the most feared creatures in minecraft that attacks the players upon eye contact. 

If you wear a pumpkin on your head, the enderman won’t attack you even when you attack him because there is no eye contact at all. Besides that, it serves as an excellent cosmetic as well. 

The pumpkin head will also provide protection even from the ender dragon, which is one of the most challenging bosses in the game. 

Minecraft survival tips will help you to achieve your targets quickly and effectively. Follow these tips to grow your gaming skill in Minecraft.