Multiplayer Browser Games To Play With Friends

Best Browser Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends In 2023

Are you looking for multiplayer browser games rather than solo games? Then you’re at the right spot.

The NewOne Games team have researched the world of multiplayer web games and formed the list of the top 30 multiplayer games for all of you per different gaming tastes.

Whether you’re up for action, survival, challenging puzzles, or simply having fun, we’ve covered something for everyone.

Another exciting thing is that all games are available free of cost on the Internet so that you and your friends can easily play together.

You can engage in epic battles, test your various skills and brainpower, or invest your time learning from your web browser.

You will also find brain-teasing puzzles that test your cognitive abilities and light-hearted, fun games perfect for spending quality time with friends.

Let’s have fun, make memories, and connect with friends on gaming adventures together!

Just few steps for you: Read, Find your fav, and Play!

1. is a draw-and-guess multiplayer browser games to play with  friends. The game has a simple mechanic where players select a word and have to draw whatever they choose. The other players have to guess what the player is drawing in a given time. Each player gets their turn to draw while the others guess, and the player with the most points wins. The game can be played with friends by creating a room or with random players as well.


skribbl io games


Agar is a multiplayer browser game that you can play with your friends or with random people on the internet. The game is based on the simple concept that you start off as a small particle and have to grow and get bigger by consuming other particles. You have to survive other players as well and get bigger in order to win. The game can be played in a room where 20 players can easily play together so that you can enjoy the game in a large group as well.

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3. CATAN Universe

A multiplayer browser games where players can compete against or cooperate with each other. The game can ruin friendships, so be careful before playing it. The game’s goal is to collect and gather resources and make a settlement with
other players where you decide whether you want to cooperate with them or compete against them. It’s a lot like monopoly but somewhat different. You can choose a custom board or a random one. Most of the options in the game are free, whilst some are paid.

catan universe


A modern version of the old snake game from 2000s mobile phones. The game is available for both Android and PC. The concept matches, but the modern art and visuals make it worthwhile. You start off as a small worm, and you have to eat food and other worms to get bigger, but be careful of the more giant snakes as they will quickly eat you. You have to avoid colliding with another worm’s head, or else you will lose. You can also customize your worm with cosmetics that you can unlock upon levelling up or by buying them from the shop.

slither io game

Browser Games Multiplayer

5. is a free browser multiplayer games you can play with friends. The game is a multiplayer sandbox where you are in control of a small tribe of minions who gather resources, collect and hunt animals for you and do a lot more. You have to be aware of other players as well as they are on the hunt for you. You can create alliances with other players or play against each other. You are free to choose your strategy, as everything depends on your plan. The minions only interact with the objects when they are in their sight, otherwise, they will sit idle.

wanderers io games

6. Minecraft Classic

If you are a fan of Minecraft, then Minecraft Classic might be the perfect browser game you can play with your friends. The game offers simple build and craft mechanics like the original game, just with limited elements and blocks. You can simply create a URL that you can share with your friends, which creates your personal world where you and your friends can build and create whatever you want. The game is best for players who wish to experience the authentic minecraft experience on their browsers. It is one of the best browser games to play with friends.

minecraft classic

7. Pokemon Showdown

A treat for Pokemon lovers. The game is a multiplayer browser pokemon battle simulator where players can choose a team according to their choice or generate a random team and battle against other players. The game features a variety of Pokemon to choose from and a lot of attacks and unique combos. Pro players often use the simulatorto test their moves   decks before battling in a competitive match.

pokemon shutdown


If you ever wished for a pixel shooting game you can play for free that too on your browser, then is the answer to your prayers. is an immersive multiplayer pixel shooting game for browsers that you can play with your friends. The game contains many classes with multiple weapons like Snipers, Assault Rifles,  Marksman Rifles and Shotguns to choose from. You can customize your gun by applying a skin on it. Skins can be bought from the shop or can be earned by cases that you can open using the credit earned by playing the game.

krunker io game

9. is a simple Chess game on your browser, just like the name indicates. You can play it with your friends or with random people and even a computer to polish your chess skills. Nevertheless, a great source of entertainment and an excellent exercise for your mind. It is one of the best browser multiplayer games you can play with the friends.


10. is a tactical shooting multiplayer browser game that you can play with your friends. The game offers a top view for an immersive pixel shooting game experience. The game has two modes and three maps for players to have fun with. A variety of characters having different weapons is present. Every character has a unique ability that players can select according to their liking.

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11. Isleward

It is one of the unique browser multiplayer games where you can explore a vast world, team up with friends, and shape the game world together.

Isleward is the only open-source, modifiable by users or developers, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game with a permanent death of a character after losing.  

In September 2020, Version 0.8 was released, bringing new features like the sun festival, an improved boss room, and much more.

Simple in Isleward, you create a character, explore islands, fight with monsters, and complete levels to find treasure.

You’ll strengthen your character by finding better stuff and level up by earning points.


12. Treasure Arena

Treasure Arena is a fast and fun multiplayer shooter game. You aim to collect the most coins to win, but watch out for enemies and monsters!

It’s a mix of retro arcade action and objective-based shooting for up to 4 players, and you can play with friends locally or challenge others online.

It consists of six thrilling maps, five unique characters, including the Mage, Warrior, Ninja, Rogue, and Mystic, each with unique abilities, and two action game modes.

In Classic mode, you must collect coins, loot treasure from monsters, and stay far away from them. 

In Treasure Run mode, your mission is to stay alive while transporting loot-filled treasure chests back to your home base.

Just choose your character, grab weapons like bows, bombs, and rockets, fight with monsters, and loot them.

Treasure Arena

13. War Brokers

War Brokers is a 3D shooter game designed for fast-paced action and technical decision-making.

It has a maximum 16-player limit, and in each play, the game levels up, and all players get updated weapons and vehicles.

You will find nine maps, and players can select from a diverse range of 17 weapons, each offering a unique playstyle.

In War Brokers, you can pilot armored vehicles like tanks to the skies in helicopters and destroy your enemies.

You can join a gun squad, providing vital support from within a vehicle. Success in this game depends on individual skill and your strategic choices.

You can choose any game mode like battle royale, speed 4v4, survival, and classic 8v8.

War Brokers

14. Town of Salem

Town of Salem is an engaging online multiplayer game developed by BlankMediaGames.

Classic party games like Werewolf and Mafia inspired the game.

It has over 5 million registered users as of June 2017 data. In 2023, the Town of Salem 2 has been released.

All players are secretly assigned roles as part of informed minorities or uninformed majorities.

And they must work to find the true identities of other players while keeping themselves hidden to gain control of the town.

The goal is to survive and complete tasks to win. To do this, the players must use their unique abilities, teamwork, communication, deduction, deception, and sometimes trick other players.

There are three roles: Town, Mafia, and Neutral, each with unique abilities.

Town of Salem challenges players to lie and detect deception in groups of 7 to 15 players to win.

Town of Salem

15. Kingdom of Loathing (KoL)

Kingdom of Loathing is one of the interactive browser games to play with friends.

In KoL, you fight with monsters, collect in-game currency called meat, and engage in turn-based adventures.

You can interact with other players through player-versus-player competition, trading, and group teamwork.

In KoL, your character gets a fixed number of daily adventures, like 40, and can be increased.

Adventures are essential for crafting, exploring, and encountering monsters and non-combat situations.

You level up as you earn points, and you can access to new locations and missions.

Kingdom ofb Loathing (KoL)

16. Prodigy

Mathematics is considered boring for kids, but now you can learn in a fun way.

Prodigy is a free and fun math game for students started as a project in 2011 for grades 1-8.

This game is loved by millions worldwide, making learning enjoyable without sacrificing playtime.

Teachers get helpful tools to identify challenges, customize lessons, and manage class time.

Prodigy now covers math skills for different standards. It’s web-based so students can play at school or home on various devices.

prodigy is a popular online multiplayer game where you control a neon-colored snake.

Your mission is to defeat your opponent players and become the biggest and strongest snake on the grid by eating colorful dots scattered across the playing field.

The more dots your snake eats, it will grow more longer and stronger.

However, the catch is that you must be careful and avoid colliding with other players’ snakes; otherwise, you will lose. is simple and easy to pick up and play. But it demands quick thinking and effective planning.


Powerline io


RuneScape has been a popular online fantasy game engaging player for years.

In this virtual world game, you create your character as a warrior, a skilled craftsperson, or a powerful mage; the choice is yours.

There are many activities available in the game, like defeating monsters, completing missions, and trading goods with other players.

You can even play in a competition player-versus-player or explore the virtual game.

What makes RuneScape unique is its interesting storyline and regular updates that keep the game interesting and unique.

Regardless of your level of experience as an adventurer, RuneScape has something for everyone to enjoy.


19.The Crystal Temple

The entertaining puzzle game that tests your ability to solve problems.

Where you control two cute characters, Fireboy and Watergirl, each with unique abilities, they must work together to solve puzzles and move out through the mysterious Crystal Temple.

The game is about teamwork, where both characters must progress through levels filled with traps, levers, and buttons.

Fireboy is resistant to fire, while Watergirl can move through water without a problem. You’ll need to decide how to use their abilities to overcome hurdles and reach your goals.

It’s an excellent approach to enjoy the game and stretch your brain at the same time.

The Crystal Temple

20.Final Boss

Final Boss is one of the top browser games filled with action that casts you as a hero facing the ultimate challenge.

Your task is to defeat the most powerful enemy in the game, known as the “final boss.”

You must be quick and clever in tough battles with your character’s powers. To win, you’ll need to plan and change your strategies.

Final Boss isn’t just a game; it’s a grand adventure to prove yourself and beat the most brutal enemy.

Final Boss

21.Crazy Golf-Fish

The Crazy Golf-Fish combines golf games and returns the goldfish to its fishbowl.

The rule is simple: you have to place the golf ball into the hole in as few tries as possible, just like in regular golf.

In the Skin mode, you aim to collect as many coins as possible without harming the goldfish.

But be careful because each hole has different challenges, like fishhooks, saws, and hungry cats, that you must avoid.

Solve the tricky challenges and help the goldfish to navigate to its home.

Crazy Golf Fish

22.Flash Bash

For the fighting fans, Flash Bash is another good option for you similar to Tekken and Street Fighter game.

The good thing is that there is no need to download it, as you can play it online for free. Just pick your favourite fighter and learn their unique moves and cool combos.

Test your skills against computer opponents or challenge a friend to see who’s the better fighter.

There are many unique moves to learn, making it a fun fighting game.

Flash Bash

23.Iron Snout

In Iron Snout, you control a little pig who’s a ninja and has to fight off many wolves.

You use swipes and taps to punch, kick, and smash your enemies. You can even take their weapons or knock them out of the fight area to survive as long as possible.

This game can be played either by yourself or with a friend. Be careful to avoid things coming from the air like axes while you’re fighting off the wolves.

The game has two different world modes, like in city and forest.  

Iron Snout

Another fun snake game for you! is a free online game that mixes classic snake and the light cycle game from Tron.

You play against other real people. Your goal is to collect energy and get to the top of the leaderboard.

But you have to be smart and avoid crashing into other players. It’s a fast and fun game where you must have a strong strategy to get success.

Gulper io

25.Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a thrilling and fast-paced multiplayer racing game. However, it goes beyond just running. Just creating hurdles for your opponent to win. 

You jump into go-karts provided with various fun weapons, like rockets and slime guns. You must race against other players on exciting tracks and interfere with them using these tools.

The objective is to outsmart your competitors, avoid hazards, and be the first to the finish line.

It’s all about skill, strategy, and much fun in this action-packed racing game.

Smash Karts


Deadshot is a thrilling addition to our list of browser games, and it’s all about becoming an expert sharpshooter to shoot your far-away targets with precision and accuracy.

You will face various challenging scenarios, each requiring a focused eye and a steady hand.

As you navigate the game, you’ll need to make every shot count to complete your missions successfully.

So, if you’re ready to show off your shooting expertise then give it a try.


27.Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a fast-paced first-person shooter game where you become an egg-shaped soldier character.

And guess what? The soldier will also be equipped with various egg-themed weapons and fight battles against other egg soldiers.

The fun twist is that when you get hit, you crack and eventually “scramble.”

From all this detail, you can imagine how fun the game is based on cracking egg enemies.

Shell Shockers

28.Mini Golf Club

Unlike traditional golf, Mini Golf Club is played on colourful, tiny golf courses.

Your target is to drop the ball in as few strokes as possible while navigating through exciting obstacles like windmills and loops.

This fun game is for all ages to experience a round of mini-golf on your computer.

Mini Golf Club

29.Forward Assault Remix

Another shooting game option for you if you’re fond of such games.

In the Forward Assault shooting game, you play as a soldier on a team. Your duty is to work with your teammates to defeat the other team smartly.

You’ll use weapons like guns, bombs and gear to help you in your battles.

It’s an excellent choice for action-plus shooting game enthusiasts.

Forward Assault Remix is an excellent choice among online multiplayer games on browsers.

It’s a racing game where you control a character, and you have to compete with your opponents. 

You’ll need to utilize your skills to run, jump, and slide your way to victory. The track is filled with obstacles, and your goal is to navigate them while collecting rewards that will benefit you.

You can also customize your character costume and can also challenge your friends. is a perfect multiplayer racing game to play with your friends.  


Dashcraft io