Why Candy Crush Is So Popular

Candy Crush Popularity

Being gamers, this question must’ve crossed your mind at least once in your life- Why is Candy Crush popular, and what is the reason behind its popularity? Candy Crush has dominated the mobile gaming industry ever since it was released back in 2003. Today we are going to talk about the history of candy crush and why it’s so popular.

why candy crush is so popular

Why Candy Crush Is So Addictive?

The main reason behind the popularity of Candy Crush is the simple match 3 gameplay and easy-to-learn mechanisms. The game features stunning visuals and relaxing sound effects where you match candies, gumdrops, jellies and many other delicacies. The game uses simple psychology to get players hooked on it –  the art of happiness after frustration. You may have often noticed that when a player gets stuck on a level, and they clear it after a while, they get instant gratification and want to play even more levels. Candy Crush uses this simple method to get ‌players addicted to the game and get them to play the game more and more.

The objective of the game.

The goal is simple in Candy Crush, match 3 and complete the given task – the task can vary from level to level depending on the difficulty. As you progress further, the tasks get harder. Initially, you get simple tasks like matching candies and reaching a given score. After that, you get specific items you must release by matching the candies. The game also lessens the number of moves that you get in each level as you progress.

History of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush started off as a Facebook game in 2012 on iOS, from where it started gaining momentum, and within a matter of little to no time, it was released on androids as well. Candy Crush’s popularity skyrocketed the developer’s sales and stocks. The game developer ‘king’, which originally created the game, was later bought by Activision, where they enjoyed quite a while ruling the mobile gaming industry competing with infamous games of the time like clash of clans and 8 ball pool. The game still rules the mobile gaming industry with $1.2 billion of leads generated and 1 billion players playing currently.

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Competition against friends.

Candy Crush is all fun and games until you connect your Facebook account with it. That’s when you start seeing your friends and people you know on various levels ahead of you, which gives rise to jealousy. You’ll find your friends way ahead of you, and you will be like I’m going to cross them and reach even farther to show them who’s the boss.

How the visuals trick you.

King has done a brilliant job adding our favorite candies and goodies to the game, which gives a nostalgic touch to the game whenever a player plays it. You come across a candy, and you say, ‘i know this one’. The crisp graphics and soft and fun sound effects offer a feeling of relaxation and indulge the players even more. The developers have done an excellent job of affecting people’s psychology to get them addicted to the game. No wonder our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and everyone you know is hooked on Candy Crush.

Free rewards.

The game offers free rewards like unlimited lives for a short time or boosters that you may find helpful in levels where you find yourself stuck. The game uses this simple trick to boost leads and allow players to play constantly without getting bored. The freebies can be used in special events and challenging levels to avoid losing lives and earning exciting rewards.

Unexpected moments in the game.

The game surprises the players with constant ups and downs to keep them involved. If you have ever played Candy Crush for a while, you must have noticed that at one point, you can clear all levels quickly with ease in the given amount of moves, but there comes a time when you reach a level, and you think you can easily clear it, but out of nowhere you find yourself stuck, and the candies around you make no matches, and you try and try, but you run out of moves. The game uses this trick to affect people psychologically, as we discussed earlier.

Continuous improvement and efforts by the developers.

King has been creative regarding Candy Crush, releasing new levels every week with exciting challenges and new and better-looking candies. It’s a plus point that the developers are constantly working on the game and have not left it to be a money-making machine without paying attention to it. The game could’ve died easily if the developers hadn’t made the required efforts.

Final words.

After reading the above blog, I’m sure you know the reason behind the popularity of candy crush. We all have played Candy Crush at least once in our lives, and we can totally agree that the game sure is addicting. The game has been king’s masterpiece and still proves to be the best by staying on the top of the ladder for so long.