Why do people spend so much money and time on gaming

Reason Of People Spending Money And Time On Gaming

Gaming is undoubtedly one of the most popular hobbies amongst the younger generation as well as adults. Many people become indulged in gaming to the point where they start investing their precious time and money in it as well. Being a gamer myself, gaming is a great hobby to pass some time and strengthen your strategic and critical thinking and sudden decision-making. Today I will be listing some of the main reasons why people spend so much of their time and money on gaming.

Buying new games:

Among the many reasons people spend money on games, the first on our list is, of course, to buy new games. If you are a gamer and love a specific genre or franchise, then you are sure to buy or pre-order a game you love or have a deep interest in.

 The main reason why people buy games for such hefty prices is that, first of all, you get everything you pay for, no more and no less. The second main reason behind buying new games is that when you buy something from your local retailer or online as of these days, you are ensured that your game is free from all sorts of malware and viruses, which means that there is nothing that can harm your device in the game you just bought. On the other hand, if you go for the cheaper alternative of downloading games off an illegal site and pirating, keep in mind that you are always at the risk of inviting new malware and harmful viruses to your device, which means that your data won’t be safe and in many cases even you yourself won’t be safe.

The last reason people buy games is that in today’s world, most games come exclusively with multiplayer versions that can only be enjoyed by purchasing the game itself. This is also one of the core reasons why many people prefer purchasing the game just for the sake of enjoying multiplayer mode without any cheaters or hackers. Most games that you can pirate and download off the internet for free only provide access to the single-player or story mode, keeping you from enjoying the real deal, “ THE MULTIPLAYER. “

Enough bragging about why people buy games. Obviously, we all know we buy games because we love playing them, and no matter what people say, gamers are always going to enjoy premium games, even if they are quite heavy on the pocket. The point being that buying games is a safer alternative than downloading cheap copies off the internet and is ethical, whereas pirating is unethical and unsafe.

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Buying new skins:

Another reason why many people spend money on games is to buy in-game cosmetic items, which rarely serve any purpose at all. But we gamers are always attracted to the fancy stuff, and we end up paying a large sum of money buying in-game cosmetics, which include skins, characters, player icons, and animations most of the time.

There are two reasons why people buy skins, one – the player is really immersed in the game and enjoys playing it, and second – the player wants to change the appearance of the character to indulge more in the game in case of a role-playing game.

Skins and cosmetic items barely serve any purpose in the game, but it sure is a great way to show off in the game and socialize with people by complimenting their skins and characters. We often buy a lot of skins and then look back and regret the amount of money we could’ve potentially saved just by not buying certain items after we start playing the game less or not at all.

The above lines have no intention to say that buying skins and in-game cosmetics is useless; I myself, as a gamer, have bought way too many skins.

a game character wearing gaming outfit

Spending time on games:

Now coming to the infamous question, why spend so much time gaming? The reason why many gamers spend so much time gaming is that it’s a great escape from reality for a while. You embark on a journey in an alternate dimension where you can do everything as per your rules. You can do things you haven’t even thought of doing or always wanted to do. As we all are familiar with different genres of gaming, each one of us gamers plays the game that matches our definition of fun and enjoyment and sets us free from all worries, even if it’s just for a little while.

Another reason why gamers spend a lot of time gaming is that it’s a great way to socialize and connect with different people from all around the world and make new friends.

One reason for spending too much time on games is also that it’s addicting, there you go, I said it. We all agree that gaming sure is addictive, but if we keep check of our gaming times and game for a healthy amount of time to ensure that we don’t lose our skills and become washed, enjoy our hobby and socialize with people as well.

two child playing ninja game on computer

Final words

Just know that everything has its perks and demerits, and gaming is also one of them. Nevertheless, gaming is a great hobby and an amazing way to pass the time and escape reality.

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