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We are a team of passionate game lovers. For our love of games, we decided to join hands and create a gaming space for serious gamers to invest their time for a quality gaming experience without any hindrances to their game-time. In our website you can download best games of all genres in a safe and secure way!

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New One games is a platform that allows players to browse and download the best games freely. We have created a space for hardcore gamers who want to explore and discover new and upcoming games. 

This website keeps you from irrelevant stuff and lets you download the best and most popular games you desire. The prime focus of New One Games is to guide gamers directly to the games that match their preferences, you can select your category, and the site will provide you with a list of games that fit your description correctly. We offer you the top quality and most popular games to download for free with just some clicks, and you will be navigated to your desired games.
Our site is the best place to download games for IOS, Android, and PC. New One Games does all the hard work for you and cuts you the slack when you have to go through long, boring, and mundane paragraphs written about the game, most of which do not even fit the game itself; We help you avoid all that and give you honest and straightforward reviews about the game and let you know if the game does fit your liking.
New One Games has a category for gamers of all ages. No matter your preference, New One has a game for you; We have a vast collection of games ranging from Action, Strategy, Puzzle, Battle, Fighting, Racing, and Sports games. New One has you covered if you want to download the best popular offline games for Android and IOS. 

We have all the major titles, from the old classics to the newest games releasing every day. We aim to provide you with a library of the best games you can download for free. We also provide a blogs section where we update gamers on the trending games, and categories – Some of our top blog posts are 10 Top Games Categories in 2024, Multiplayer Browser GamesMinecraft Survival Tips.