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10 Top Battle Royale Games for Mobile In 2024

The best Battle royale games online for mobile like PUBG, Fortnite, and COD Mobile have gained immense admiration. Over the course of the past few years due to their indulging nature and enjoyable gameplay. 

Battle Royale is a popular gaming genre that has dominated the industry because of its consistently engaging gameplay. Ever since the pandemic, battle royale games have completely revolutionized the mobile gaming industry and sort of revived it as well.

What captures players’ attention is the fact that there can only be one winner. This adds an extremely competitive edge and a fast-paced aspect to the gameplay, which makes victory feel much more rewarding. The idea that players start with barely anything and have to scavenge for weapons and resources makes the gameplay even more intriguing and intensifies the overall experience.

The list of top Battle Royale Games!

  1. PUBG Mobile
  2. COD Mobile
  3. Farlight 84
  4. Fortnite
  5. Brawl Stars
  6. Free Fire Max
  7. Zooba
  8. Knives Out
  9. FOG – MOBA
  10. Stumble Guys

1. PUBG Mobile

A top battle royale game giant as many might know it, PUBG is one of the pioneers of the battle royale genre. Among the most prominent names in the gaming industry that everyone is familiar with. 

PUBG ranks in the top 10 battle royale games without any doubt and is cherished by gamers worldwide. Its fast-paced gameplay and a wide variety of weapons that enhance the close and long-range combat experience.pubg battlegrounds battle game

The game operates on the general idea of online battle royale games where you along with 99 other players land on an island with resources scattered all around. 

The players can play alone, in a duo, or in a squad of four, according to their preferences. The game offers a vast range of game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Seasonal Events, and a lot more, ensuring there is something for everyone in case the traditional battle royale experience feels repetitive.

2. COD Mobile

Call Of Duty remains a renowned franchise in the gaming industry and is acclaimed by all FPS lovers due to its indulging gameplay. COD Mobile does, in fact, make a remarkable effort to imitate the classic COD gameplay and bring it to mobile users. Including some of the iconic multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, zombies, and the best of them all – Battle of duty mobile game

The game offers traditional COD gameplay within your palms, featuring intense combat, thrilling gameplay, a massive arsenal of weapons, and classic COD maps. 

What makes it even better is that the game aims to create an experience similar to the original COD games by replicating the signature visuals and creating an immersive experience for the players.

3. Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is a unique game from best battle royale games for mobile, that is sure to give you something unlike ever before. The game takes place in a futuristic environment with advanced vehicles and gadgets that make mobility around the map convenient and help to attack your enemies effectively. 

The game offers distinctive cartoonish graphics and vibrant surroundings that make the game even more enjoyable.forlight 84 battle game

In Farlight 84, characters are divided into multiple classes, each of which features a unique skill set and play style. The characters are provided with special abilities that differ from character to character and contribute to various aspects of the game, like damage, movement, and detecting enemies. The game also features modern weapons like anti-vehicle explosives, which enhance the overall experience, making the gameplay a lot more tense.

4. Fortnite Battle Royle

A classic addition to mobile battle games online that has provided players with unlimited entertainment and brought new meaning to the traditional shooting games. 

The game introduced a new concept to ordinary shooting games, which was the building mechanic that gave players a new method of mobility and defense. Apart from that, what made the game popular was the extraordinary character skins and exciting emotes that instantly caught people’s eyesfortnite battle royale game

The game also collaborated with many celebrities and famous personalities, including Travis Scott and Marshmello, and famous TV shows like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and a lot more. Fortnite also introduced the concept of live events during the game, which was loved by players because who wouldn’t love to see Travis Scott perform that too in a game?

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5. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is said to be in some of the best battle games. The game combines the elements of MOBA and battle royale game and gives us an exclusive gameplay feel. 

Brawl Stars was developed by our favorite game developer – Supercell, who has provided us with some of the most iconic games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale that had us hooked for a very long time.brawl stars game picture

The game offers a one-of-a-kind 3 v 3 battle royale experience where players compete in an intense environment. Brawl Stars contains different characters with unique abilities that are used in place of weapons. These abilities influence how your character hits the enemy, including various details like range and the amount of damage dealt.

6. Free Fire Max

Garena Free Fire Max is among the best battle royale games on Android. It is an updated version of the already existing and widely popular battle royale game, Free Fire, that took the world by storm. 

The game features better graphics, animations, and a much more realistic gameplay than the previous version. Free Fire is a perfect battle royale game for low-end devices that lets you indulge in a third-person shooting experience similar to leading games like PUBG and COD fire max battle royale game

The game features quick matches with 50 players in every game that lasts for a maximum of ten minutes. It is the reason why many players love Free Fire. Apart from that, the game offers a ton of character and weapon customization options that make the game a lot more

7. Zooba

Have you ever thought of what it is like when everyone leaves the zoo? Zooba will tell you what it is. Zooba is a battle royale game based in a zoo where players play as different animals with different skills and playstyles. Each of which offers a different strategy while playing, from quick and sneaky cats to Bulky and robust bears. Players can choose the one that perfectly fits their playstyle and master that character.zooba zoo battle arena

Players are locked in the zoo and have to search for different weapons, resources like power-ups, and health items that are spread all around them. The game contains a number of game modes that make the game much more amusing. Zooba offers funky cartoon-like graphics with vibrant surroundings that perfectly align with that of a zoo.

8. Knives Out

Knives Out is a similar game to PUBG that features a thrilling gameplay full of action and adventure. This game offers engaging gameplay that is sure to keep you hooked for hours. 

The game revolves around the typical battle royale game where you have to search for resources on an island with 99 other people who are fighting their way to glory, just like battle royale game: knives out gameGame offers smooth movement and easy controls, along with realistic physics and fascinating graphics that are sure to keep you immersed for quite a while. 

It offers a huge attention to detail where players can go through various locations like forests, cities, and a lot more across the map and hunt down their enemies.


FOG is a fantasy battle royale game that resembles Brawl Stars quite a lot, but it features a 5 v 5 gameplay instead. The game offers a fast-paced turn-based combat experience where players have to fight off their enemies using melee weapons and magic. Along with numerous mythical characters having special powers.Top Battle Royale Game: Fog

The game offers an engrossing fantasy environment with amazing graphics and a fluid movement mechanic that improves the gameplay. Moreover, every character has a unique lore that uplifts the gameplay experience and makes every battle meaningful.

10. Stumble Guys

Love Fall Guys but don’t have the requirements to play? Try Stumble Guys, which will provide you with a similar experience for free. Stumble Guys is an absorbing battle royale games that is sure to keep you hooked for quite a while. The game features beautiful cartoon-like graphics resembling that of Fall Guys, along with a gameplay that closely replicates the original game.

Best Battle Royale Game: Stumble Guys

Players partake in a series of mini-games that keep on changing every round. Offering a new challenge and experience with every upcoming round. The game takes place over a series of three rounds where 32 players start the game at first, and in every round, the number keeps going down till the point where only one player is concluded as the winner.

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