Best 10 Games Categories Of 2023


1. Action Games

First game category in 10 Top Games Categories in 2023 is Action games.

10 top games categories in 2022

This category is preferred by gaming fans globally, which means gamers love to experience breathtaking gameplay through the missions in this gaming genre. It is one of the trending forms of the gaming category due to its fan base that  keeps growing with every passing day.

Action games comprises of sub-genres. Some popular action games such as Prince of Persia, Street Fighter, Cup-head, Mortal Combat, and Devil may resolve. See 9 best action games in pc.

2. Sports Games

This gaming category has a huge fan base on account of real-life sports.

football games categories online

The games such as footballbasketball, cricket, baseball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, and air hockey are the main examples of this gaming category. Sports games simulate traditional physical sports wherein the opposing team is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). In the sports category of football the famous game is FIFA series.

The FIFA 12 game holds the record of a moderate-selling sports game, which sold millions of quantities after its release in a very short time period.

3. Battle Royale Games

Battle royale games allow connecting a player to another player or connects a team with another in real-time. 

top battle games in 2022

This gaming category is the bestselling game around the world. Battle Royale Game is a completely new game class. This category takes the world by storm in a short period of two (2) years.

The accomplishment of two (2) well-known games yet. Fortnite Battle Royale and Player’s Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some of the common examples of Battle royale Games are Fortnite, PUBG, Super Animal Royale, Totally accurate battlegrounds, rust, and call of duty.

4. Action Adventure Games

best action adventure games in 2022

The action-Adventure Gaming genre is a combination of two (2) elements, action plus adventure gaming genres.

This fabulous category has ascended to include games in a broad range of specific concepts, along with expressing video game platforms. The key factors of this gaming category are examined to comprise an element of action games.

Some of the common examples of Action Adventure Games are Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Red Dead Redemption, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man.

5. Role Playing Games (RPG)

best role playing games categories in 2022

Role-Playing Games abbreviated as RPGs, in this gaming category player, controls a fictional character that takes a challenge in an imaginary world.

The gaming genre of Role-playing games (RPG), this category is continuously increasing its origins through common and famous games like under-tale, the last story, and breath of fire. 

Best Video Game Genres

6. Adventure Games

Legacy of Adventure games is about 5 decades ago. Adventure games are one of the vintage gaming genres, people thought that this gaming category is the pillar of the gaming industry, while they are still being developed and purchased.

Whereas the market share of Adventure games is compact in recent dates, this category is merging with the well-known gaming categories the Action-Adventure Genre. 

10 top categories adventure games

7. Racing games

The racing game category resembles real-life racing events. 

top racing games in 2022

This gaming genre boosts the emotions of the players. A high volume competing gaming genre in the gaming industry. Racing games are variable in a different racing modes such as drag race, motorbike race, horse racing, and 1st runner race.

A Few examples of racing gaming genres are Driver: San Francisco, Forza Horizon, Traffic Rider, and Real Bike Racing.

8. Fighting games

Fighting games hold the record since they landed in the market for the very first time. 

free game fighting games

This gaming category is loved by everyone around the globe.
Fighting games are usually liked and preferred by the fans of UFC, WWE or you can say this gaming genre is loved by those people who want to become a fighter or love to see fights, wrestling or UFC and any other fighting tournaments around the world.
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This gaming genre is full of entertainment since the 3D development in the fighting game has evolved in the business all moves and hits seems absolutely real as they take you in the real fighting imaginations. 
A few examples of fighting games are Tekken, Street Fighter, King of Fighter, WWE, UFC, Mortal Combat vs DC Universe, Swords fight.

9. Real-Time Strategy Games

With the upgradation of smartphones, this gaming category, Real Time Strategy Games (RTG) has also evolved. 

top 10 strategy games

This gaming genre is preferred by gamers around the globe or you can say that this gaming genre is also a kind of mental exercise that will impel the players to anticipate and act quickly to get victory in this game.

A few examples of this gaming genre is the Divinity: Original sin 2, Triangle strategy, AI War, and Final Fantasy 7.

10. Simulation Games

In 10 Top Games Categories in 2023, this category is on number 10.

ultimate car driving simulator categories

This gaming genre is described by its name “simulation” which relates to the real-life activities we do. This form of gaming genre is increasingly being adapted by professionals for training purposes such as aviation simulation bus simulation, car parking simulation. 

Therefore this genre is preferred by parents for their kids to learn, a few examples of these simulation games are parking 3D, Bus Simulator, and Dr. Driving.

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