best games in the world 2023

Top 10 Games in the World in 2023

The year 2023 has been quite remarkable for gamers because many major titles have already been released and are soon to be released. Deciding whether a game is good or not is obviously upto the players but according to search analytics, we have listed some of the best games in the world in 2023 that players currently love.


PUBG has taken the world by storm ever since it became free. PUBG has proved to be the best game in the world in 2023, with a whopping 100 Million + players. The main reason behind PUBG being the best game in 2023 is its realistic physics, stunning visuals, crisp HD graphics, and competitive gameplay. The game features a battle royale mode that can fit 99 players, and the last one standing will win.

best games in the world

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Minecraft is the only multiplayer game that has lasted this long and is still being played by gamers worldwide. Minecraft is a sandbox game that offers players the total freedom to do whatever they want. They can either play in the creative mode to freely explore the world and build whatever they like or play in the survival mode where they have to gather resources, keep their character from starving, build a shelter, craft weapons, and protect themselves from the zombies and other creatures roaming around.

minecraft game​

3.Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been a banger ever since it launched. The traffic has been constant, and new players are constantly joining the game; the number of players has increased since apex was released on mobile. Apex is perfect for gamers who like first-person battle royale shooters but are bored of the same old gameplay of PUBG and Fortnite.

Apex legends​ game

4.Among us

Among us took over the internet in the late 2020s when everyone was playing, be it a regular gamer or a streamer. Now we can undoubtedly say that it was the best and the most played game in the world, and in fact, it still is, with 50 Million players playing it.

among us online game

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Fortnite is a multiplayer battle royale game with millions of players all around the world and was titled the best game in the world with 100 million+ players. The battle royale version of the game launched in 2018; before that, the game was based entirely on the PvE mode called “Save the world.” The game features the old-school battle royale mechanic with 100 players stranded on an island, and the last one standing wins. The only twist in Fortnite is its building mechanic, which differs it from the other battle royale game and makes it somewhat unique. The game features unique and exciting skins and other cosmetic items that players can attain by purchasing the battle pass or from the item shop. Fortnite has been adding many collaborations with celebs and icons recently. The players with early access to save the world can also earn Vbucks by playing it and purchase new and better skins.

fortnite game

6.League of Legends

League of Legends, also known as LOL, is a famous game among gamers who prefer the MMO RPG genre. The game’s objective is to defeat your opponent by entering their field with your champions. Each champion has a unique ability of its own; Players can choose their champions depending on their play style. The game was regarded as the best in the world in 2023, with many players worldwide. The game has breathtaking visuals, outstanding graphics, and gameplay, giving the players the ultimate RPG experience.

league of legends game

7.COD Warzone

COD Warzone is a multiplayer FPS shooting battle royale game that trended in 2022. The game will be the best, and most played in the world in 2023 and has an average of 5 million players. The game features the original COD legacy in a thrilling, action-packed battle royale gameplay.

c o d warzone​ game


Valorant is Riot’s new FPS and the best game in the world in 2023. The gameplay takes inspiration from CS: GO and LOL, where the characters have unique abilities combined with an FPS experience. You can unlock new characters with unique abilities and master the one which fits your playstyle well.

valorant game


The game is a card game with about 50 million players. The game features simple mechanics where players have to build their deck of cards, each of which is nothing other than magic spells and weapons. The developers call the game easy to learn but challenging to master. Players come up front against each other on the battlefield, where their cards are met against each other, and it depends on how you choose your deck and strategize your attacks. The player who manages to attack effectively and take down the opponent becomes the winner. Remember, it’s not the cards, it’s the strategy.

hearthstone​ game

10. CS: GO

CS: GO is a classic multiplayer first-person shooter which has been in the industry for quite a while and is no doubt the best game in the world in 2023. The game still has approximately 50 million players on average. The game features two teams, namely the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The goal of the terrorists is to plant the bomb and hold the hostages while defending their site, whereas the Counter Terrorist have to defuse the bomb and save the hostages in such a way that they manage to eliminate all the terrorists.

c s g o game