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5 Best Graphics Card for Gaming PC (updated guide for 2023)

This blog is to give you information about the 5 best graphics card for gaming PC. The Graphic card is the beating heart of a gaming PC which pushes your PC to its limit playing a significant role in processing pixels and providing you with a stable FPS. 

If your graphics card is not as powerful as it should be, then even the most powerful CPU will stand useless in front of it. The graphic card is a prime part of a gaming PC needs, and it is every gamer’s dream to own the best possible graphic card, which will enhance their gaming experience and give them the best possible performance. 

Below are listed some of the best graphics card for gaming PC. We have provided a number of options as one graphic card can not suit all gamer’s preferences; some might want an excellent price-to-performance ratio, while others may want  budget-friendly option, and some just want the best performance no matter what the price tag is.

1. Geforce RTX 4090

The Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 is possibly the best video card for gaming PC in the market beating all the available options currently. It may cost a little too much, but it is absolutely worth paying every penny. 

To get the most out of this card, you will require a monitor providing you with a reasonable refresh rate, preferably a 4K monitor. This is one of the best graphics card for gaming PC which is the best creation of Nvidia, beating all previous variants and offering 80% more performance than the 3090 and older variants. 

The card offers exceptional Ray tracing performance and uses an intelligent AI to provide a remarkable gaming experience.
Cores: 16,432
Boost clock: 2,520MHz
Price: $1599

geforce rtx 4090 top graphics card

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2. AMD Radeon 7900 XTX

The AMD Radeon 7900 XTX is AMD’s best graphics card for gaming PC in a perfect price range. The card is supposedly AMD’s fastest graphic card and provides exceptional performance equal to that of the RTX 4090 at almost half the price. 

The card is best suited for 4k gaming and provides a remarkable ray-tracing experience. The card is good for gaming but has some demerits, like a weak AI and not being able to handle excessive workloads; apart from all that, the card has a lot of VRAM, which delivers a spectacular price-to-performance ratio and offers a lot of FPS.
Cores: 12288
Boost Clock: 2500 MHz
Price: $829

amd radeon 7900 xtx

3. Geforce RTX 4070 Ti

RTX 4070 Ti is Nvidia’s least costing modern generation best gaming GPU for PC which provides ultimate performance and is the absolute bang for your buck. 

The best graphics card for gaming PC can easily do a stable 60 FPS on 4K gaming, but like the 4090, you will need a faster refresh rate monitor to get the best out of it. This card costs a little more than the 3080 and offers the best performance in that price range, offering a modern edge gaming experience at a moderate price tag.
Cores: 7680
Boost Clock: 2,610 MHz
Price: $799

one of the best from gaming graphic cards picture

4. AMD Radeon 6900 XT

This is also one of the best from other gaming graphic cards for PC. AMD Radeon 6900 XT is the competitor of the RTX 3090, providing the ultimate performance at a moderate price tag. The graphic card provides a good 4K performance regarding its price tag.

This card does lag out a bit when it comes to the performance behind the RTX 3090, but it sure does give enough equivalent to a 3080. One demerit of this card is that it offers mediocre ray tracing, but looking at the brighter side, it is a lot cheaper than the RTX 3080 and 3090 and delivers almost the same performance, plus it comes with a lot of VRAM which is also a good
Cores: 5120
Boost Clock: 2,250 MHz
Price: $999

amd radeon 6900 xt best graphics card

5. Intel Arc A770

With the newest entry in the graphic card industry giving tough competition to both Nvidia and AMD. The Arc is intel’s good graphics card for PC in which they have spent a considerable time crafting, giving it good specifications in a moderate price range. 

The drivers and performance are improving with time as the company works on it. The card sometimes gives exceptional performance equivalent to that of the 3080 but sometimes a little disappointing performance due to the driver issues. 

Nevertheless, this video card for gaming PC is Intel’s best possible graphic card with a lot of VRAM and improved performance at a reasonable price tag. The card offers the best price to performance and comes blow to blow with the 3060. It does lack when it comes to ray tracing and 4K performance, but other than that, this card is worth buying and giving a shot if you are a fan of intel.
Cores: 4096
Boost Clock: 2,100 MHz
Price: $349

intel arc a770 graphics card


The above cards are possibly the best graphics card for PC that you can currently find on the market. Though they might be a bit expensive, good performance comes at a price. 

You can easily find these graphic cards in the market and on amazon and other e-commerce platforms and get decent deals and discounts on them as well. 

Since the mining era is over now, the best PC graphics card prices have come down to the ground, whereas they skyrocketed in mid-2020 and afterward when people got involved in mining a little too much.

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