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Top Online Games of 2024

Let’s talk about the best online games of 2024, there is a very long list of the online games played by the people around the globe with Millions of game lovers around the world. Discussion in this article will be of 8 best online games which were launched many years ago but these games are still ruling in the online gaming industry with huge fan portfolios along with a high number of online game players from different cities of many countries around the world, which are PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground), Fortnite Battle Royal, Counter-Strike, League of Legends (LOL), Apex LegendsMine CraftCall of Duty and Project IGI.

 1. PUBG

An online shooting game launched in 2018 with a Huge of fans around the World. PUBG has a portfolio of 50 Million online players. PUBG is playable between two teams. The most preferred mode of this game is the Battle Royale in which up to 100 players can play in time to survive and the last survivor is the winner. The most attractive thing about this game that makes this game addictive is the realistic 3D graphics and real sounds of firing and bombs.

pubg best online games of 2023


2. Fortnite Battle Royale

With a staggering 38 million players strong. This Game passionate community proves it’s an online adventure you won’t want to miss. Fortnite Royale gameplay modes are “Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, Party Royale, and Creative. Embark on a solo adventure or gather your squad of four, the choice is yours in this thrilling game. Players can build walls and many more structures which are a great help in the gameplay. It is a well-known survival and battle royal game launched in 2017 by Epic Games. It is one of the Best Online Games.

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3. Counter-Strike

You can play Counter Strike online and offline as well. It is a first person shooting game this is the strike between two teams “Counter Terrorists and Terrorists” with different missions. Counter terrorists mission is to terminate the terrorists and save the hostages or sites by the C4 Bomb blast planted by the terrorists. Terrorists of course are to hold the hostages as their captives. And use them during the firing between the Counter Terror squad. Kill the Counter Terrorist by making sure that no counter terrorist team member defuses the C4 Bomb or saves the captives or hostages. Challenge friends online or hone your skills in Counter-Strike’s thrilling multiplayer action, accessible both online and on LAN connections. A maximum of 18 to 20 players can play in each team depending on the size of the maps in the game. Counter strike game has multiple online playing modes such as Death Match, Demolition and Zombie.

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4. League of Legends (LOL)

Team up and strategize to obliterate the enemy’s core buildings, fiercely guarded by their team. Players become a champion by passing the different difficult and interesting levels. When a player becomes a Champion League of Legends (LOL) unlock the five (5) abilities for a champion. League of legends (LOL) is vintage, famous, and loved by players all-time because of its modes scene, graphics, and different animations.

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5. Apex Legends

A development of Respawn Entertainment, Apex legend belongs to the genre “Battle Royale” in which up to 60 players can play divided into two teams, where they seek weapons and attack before the rivals do and get defeated in the battle. The Apex Legend was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation4, and Xbox one.

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6. Minecraft

One of the best online games of 2024 is Minecraft. This game is for those who love to build virtual worlds from scratch, then Minecraft would be their favorite game. Players can dig for assets jointly, players can build structures, and able to attack monsters, skeletons, and spiders.

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7. Call of Duty

Call of Duty or COD game was first launched in 2003. A shooting game, developed by Infinity Ward. Call of Duty is a First Person Shooting game with a complete description of Real War, players can use and switch weapons, they can regroup, players can communicate with each other during the online play then can make teams, players can drive the Panzer Tanks along with the machine gun artillery, missile artillery to drop the Jets and Drone of the rivalries Call of Duty is a leading war game that drives you in a real war zone. COD has been released in numerous parts as Call of Duty 2 (COD2), Call of Duty War zone (COD War zone), Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and 2.

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8. Project IGI

Project IGI is a profound game still remembered by the players who have played the original titles like the IGI, it was launched in 2000 and then 2nd part of IGI was released in 2003, also known as IGI 2: Covert Strike. The IGI is one of the Best Online Games, and a completely covert strike with an original weapon and spy tools used by an Intelligence Agent, gameplay is totally based on covert operations to eliminate the top dog of the rivals, players have to find the secret ways to get in the sites of enemies by the help of night visions binocular, crawling to the secret ways shown in the blueprint maps of the site of rivalries. A new Part for online play is coming soon with the name I.G.I origins.

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