Top Pokemon Games For GBA

Gameboy Advance had an amazing era and was one of the infamous and best-selling handheld consoles. The GBA had an awesome variety of games, a major title of which was the Pokemon series. The game had numerous versions like the classics, pinball, and some fun titles like the mystery dungeons.

1. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

Ruby and Sapphire is undoubtedly the best Pokemon game of all time. The game was a successful title after the Pokemon: Gold and Silver and featured Gen III Pokemon. Ruby and Sapphire was the first Pokemon game where you could select your character’s gender and consisted of over 350 Pokemon for you to catch and keep Groudon from destroying the world.The game was a classic of its time and is still played to date by many players. Ruby and Sapphire sustained the classical Pokemon game mechanics and gameplay style along with many new features.

pokemon rubysapphire

2. Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald is pretty much like Ruby and Sapphire but has a slight touch of new features and an engaging storyline. The game successfully sold 7 Million copies and is one of the best
Pokemon GBA games to date. Emerald features Gen III Pokemons and uses a lot of elements from the Ruby and Sapphire game. Nevertheless, the game features more characters, an action-packed story, more areas to explore, and much more to uncover.

pokemon emerald

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3. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen is a remake of the classic Pokemon game released back in 1996. The game features the same storyline with improved visuals, sound effects, better characters, and new combos and moves. This game is Gen III as well, unlike the original Pokemon game meaning that it contains newer Pokemons and more areas to explore.

pokemon firered and leafgreen

4. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum is a GBA ROM hack created by a user and not by Nintendo itself. The game was well worth playing as it featured a unique storyline, more characters, and an interesting feature where you could catch Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV. The game came with new and improved graphics and better sound effects along with a new region called Zhery which is also made by the user, and it is so well made that it feels like it is in the game officially.

pokemon light platinum

5. Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed is also a GBA ROM hack that consists of a thrilling storyline packed with action and adventure. In this version of the game, you play as a ten-year-old boy who is trapped in the Pokemon world called tunod, and you have to stop tunod from colliding with the real world and prevent the world from ending. The game features a variety of Pokemons ranging from Gen I to Gen VI, including iconic Pokemons like Larvitar and Beldum. The game has over 20 gyms, numerous minigames, and three exciting leagues. You can even rematch gym leaders and trainers as much as you want. The game proved to be one the best pokemon GBA games despite being a ROM hack.

pokemon glazed

6. Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire

Pokemon Pinball is a Pokemon version of the classic pinball game. Pinball is a simple game with endless fun and repeatable levels. In Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire, more Pokemons are featured than in the original Pokemon Pinball game, providing players with endless fun and a wonderful time. The game is an exceptional GBA game and one of the best-selling Pokemon games of its time.


pokemon pinball ruby and sapphire

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7. Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokemon Gold and Silver is one of the most iconic Pokemon games ever to exist. The game featured a new region called Johot which immediately became a fan-favorite as Gold and Silver was the first Pokemon game ever to allow a Gen I character to explore outside of the Kanto region. A few tweaks were also made in the gameplay adding new and updated mechanics and more combos and Pokemons, which is the reason why Gold and Silver is one of the best Pokemon GBA games of all time.

pokemon gold and silver

8. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team is a fun, action-packed game where you play as a Pokemon and have to explore your past and figure out how you turned into a Pokemon. The game differs greatly from the original Pokemon games, but it is worth trying and is one of the best Pokemon spin-offs ever made. The game is a decision-based game where you have to make decisions in between fights in order to choose how the fight elevates. It is worth giving a shot if you have not played it before, and it is one of the best Pokemon GBA games.

pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team

9. Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal is a remake of the original Gen II game Gold and Silver. The original game was so good that it deserved a remake. The remake comes with better graphics, improved visuals, and the same original storyline, which makes the game absolutely worth it. This game shines a light on the original and provides a better experience of the Pokemon classic Gold and

pokemon crystal

10. Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a GBA ROM hack of the classic Pokemon: Gold and Silver masterpiece. This game is an updated fan-made version of the original game with improved graphics, newer Pokemon, more locations to explore, and a unique mega-evolutions feature.Unlike most, this hack gets constant updates, keeping it fresh and up to date with fewer bugs and additional features.

pokemon gs chronicles

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