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Top 10 Online Earning Games In Pakistan in 2024

No There is no need to search more about the earning games in Pakistan as you have discovered the complete details about it. Yes, It’s not a dream. Being in Pakistan, you can make money by just playing online games with little or no investment. The best thing is that no one will taunt you while you play, as the time you invest in online gaming will return to you as profit. Because these games are blockchain technology-based, the player can earn cryptocurrency rewards, dollars, and their local currency through their gaming skills. Let’s learn about the safe and secure online earning games.

Top Online Earning Games in Pakistan (Updated List for 2024)

Following are the top authentic money-making games in Pakistan that offer exciting opportunities to earn while you play and enjoy.

  1. Bitcoin Blocks
  2. PUBG
  3. Battle Infinity
  4. Forest Knight
  5. Gamee Prizes
  6. Big Time Cash

1. Bitcoin Blocks

The first choice for earning games in Pakistan is Bitcoin Blocks. It’s a unique puzzle game with ratings of 4.5/5 and developed by Bling. The gameplay rules are simple: you have to match exact color blocks, and they will clear. But to start your earning, you need to register your account before playing – you have to invest a little.

Best Earning Games in Pakistan

You play and collect Bling points, which will be converted into Bitcoin. The best part is the cash withdrawal system. If you meet the minimum withdrawal requirement, you can cash out every seven days with no transaction fees. So many benefits in one plate. Just looking like wow!


You must have heard about the popular PUBG – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Game. You have to fight with your opponent group in the world of Artificial Intelligence. There are two ways to earn money while playing PUBG. One is to make your game account so powerful to sell at a reasonable rate. For example, you have more unlocked characters, costumes, levels, rewards and a lot more.

earn money from pubg mobile

Another option is to organize and participate in tournaments and win huge cash prizes. You can also share your gameplay on social media platforms like YouTube and Twitch and earn money through views, collaborations, and more. If you need to learn how to play game and earn money in Pakistan, then you can follow the best PUBG players gameplay on their YouTube channels.

3. Battle Infinity

The third option is the Battle Infinity platform to earn money in Pakistan. It’s essential to know that Battel Infinity was one of the top metaverse platforms in 2022. Due to its graphics, gameplay and wide range of benefits to the gamers. The title’ Battel Infinity’ already shows that it’s a multiple P2E battle game where you will experience the Metaverse world called ‘The Battle Arena’.

new gamer earning online in Pakistan

It hosts six available platforms, including IBAT, which integrates with the Premier League Metaverse. A real, diverse and immersive gameplay with Battle Infinity.

4. Forest Knight

Forest Knight is one of the most exciting online earning games in Pakistan, which means it offers both adventure and profit opportunities. Consider yourself a Player called Brave Knight, and you must explore a magical forest filled with treasures and unique creatures. To unlock new levels, you have to make good strategies and plans and attack your enemies on turn-based.

Forest Knight games online

As we already discussed, the Forest Knight also operates on a blockchain-based marketplace where you earn. How? Just by selling your game virtual items, like weapons and armor, to other players in exchange for cryptocurrency. You can download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store, create an account, and earn virtual items and cryptocurrency through good gameplay.

5. Gamee Prizes

If you prefer earning in dollars over Bitcoin, the Gamee Prizes platform is an excellent option. Don’t think that it’s a single game because Gamee Prizes has more than 70 games. If you’re lucky enough not to like me, then you can test your luck by spin-the wheel game and get a chance to win cash. Another cool thing about this is the more you refer this game to your friends, the more you will earn money and the highest rank.

gamee prizes online games

You can even start earning from this platform by watching advertisements. You can also collect tickets to win real cash prizes. Gamee Prizes app has a rating of 4.2/5 on the Google Play Store. What are you waiting for? Go and download the app free of cost. Play the online game; earn money in Pakistan.

6.Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is another real money-earning game in Pakistan, just like the Gamee Prizes platform. Be aware that you might be addicted to these types of games. Because of simple gameplay, there are a lot of benefits with no investment. Big Time Cash has been rated 4.4/5 on the Play Store and can easily downloaded. Without any initial investment, you can get revenue by watching advertisements on the app. Also, you can win cash on the free-to-spin wheel.

Big Time Cash online for pc

The developers claim that they have already given tens of thousands of dollars as prizes to spin the wheel users. The received reviews about the app have improved its overall performance and reduced the lag issues. It’s the last yet good option from our list of earning games in Pakistan.

In conclusion, the generation of earning games brings vast opportunities that were once considered a dream. By following our top listed choices, you don’t have to search more for how to turn your gaming passion into a source of income. Those mentioned above are real money earning games in Pakistan that give you vast experience, from puzzle challenges to action-adventure and metaverse exploration. You can earn cryptocurrency, dollars, local currency, rewards and a lot while playing the games or watching advertisements with little or no investment. You can even win huge money by free ‘spin the wheel’ to test your luck. Don’t worry, as this time, no one will judge or taunt you because you’re investing valuable time in gaming to earn revenue. Let’s go and turn your gaming skills into real rewards today with just three tips – Explore, Play, And Earn.

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