How do games improve our collaborative skills

How Video Games Help With Social Skills?

Let’s put aside the widespread belief that video games are a useless hobby and have no purpose other than to kill time. It’s about time we accepted the fact that video games can and actually do improve and teach us valuable skills that are useful in our lives. In this article, we are going to discuss how video games play a major role in improving our collaborative skills and give us a sense of teamwork, leadership and socializing with people.

Why collaborative skills are important

Collaborative skills are essential in our lives for two main reasons, One – To maintain a healthy relationship with our fellows and colleagues. When we work in a specific place or organization, it is necessary that we maintain good connections with our colleagues and our team members in most cases. Two – To get better output from people and your team and focus on what’s really important. If you are a student and you are assigned a group project, it is necessary that your team members must cooperate in order to get the best output and perform a given task efficiently.

What are collaborative skills:

Before we indulge in this topic regarding collaborative skills, we must know what collaborative skills actually are. Collaborative skills include a number of methods to be achieved: written communication, verbal communication, active listening, and inclusivity skills. Inclusivity skills are about ensuring that no member feels left out and each and every member’s opinion is given some amount of weight. Regarding our topic, our prime focus will be verbal communication, active listening, and inclusivity skills because that’s what gaming is all about.

collaborative skil in game

Verbal communication:

Most of the newly released games come with the voice chat feature. The main reason for making this feature available in the game is that the players can actively communicate by alerting each other about their enemy’s location, nearby loot, and anything that may be important. The voice chat feature is also a great source of communicating with random people and team members that you may play with. You can efficiently connect and socialize with people by talking to them.

verbal communication

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Active listening:

Listening actively is necessary in all fields of life, and gaming teaches us that one essential skill. While we are gaming, when we communicate with each other through voice chat, we are actively listening for alerts and helpful information that may be beneficial in winning the game and taking down the enemy effectively. Active listening is useful at all stages of life, be it your work, study or any other place. If you actively listen to the other person, your collaborative skills will automatically improve because when you attentively listen to the other person, you are showing them that you are interested in what they have to offer, and this enhances your relationship with them.

Inclusivity skills:

While gaming, we ensure that every member is heard because you never know what they say might be the key to winning the game. Players often listen to each other actively, and the team leader ensures that each and every player’s opinion is given worth to prepare the perfect game strategy and win the game. Every player has to play their part while playing to achieve a certain goal which in most cases is to win the game, just like in real life where team members work together to accomplish a specific task. We all know a poorly planned attack will not be useful in winning the game. If you rush straight into the enemy, then you may end up losing the game to

There are multiple similarities between leading a team in a game and leading a project, even a classroom project. Aspiring people to achieve a single goal, pushing them in a single direction and heading towards victory, putting aside personal issues.

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Collaborative skills from gaming:

Collaborative skills help us in all aspects of life and are useful for every person to ensure a healthy relationship with their colleagues and co-workers. Collaborative skills are essential for teams to achieve their tasks properly and to maintain a good work environment. In multiplayer games, it is required that the team should coordinate and cooperate in order to win. If the team lacks collaborative skills, i.e. One player is going one way, and the other is completely out of track in another corner doing something else, this way the team won’t be able to collaborate and achieve the goal they were bound to which in this case was to win the game.

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Summing up

This article proves that gaming does, in fact, teach us important life skills which are valuable and useful to us at every point in our lives. Every individual should have certain collaborative skills to do better in life and be successful at a particular instant. Gaming is a great source of collaborative skills, as you must’ve read from the above article—friendly reminder: gaming isn’t always just a useless hobby to kill time.

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