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Hamsters PVP Fight for Freedom

Protect the planet from the evil aliens who have captured the planet and turned everyone into
animals. Be a part of the brave hamster army and defeat the aliens, fight bosses, collect
powerful weapons, and destroy the alien ship. You can also unlock alien items in the workshop
and upgrade them to give the aliens a taste of their own medicine. Fight divers – powerful
bosses in the game which give you huge rewards when you defeat them.
The game offers a unique RPG experience with impressive, eye-catching graphics, an
auto-combat system, and an extraordinary campaign with over 100 levels. The gameplay is
addictive, with majestic sound effects and graphics. Players can upgrade their heroes and
weapons and unlock new and improved abilities that will benefit the game as they progress. The
game is a real-time PvP where players can compete in leagues and earn exciting rewards.
Chests and other in-game items are available which will give you weapon and character pieces
to unlock new items. Players also get daily rewards so that they do not run low on coins. The
game does get a little tricky after level 30, so be sure to expect some casualties. Nevertheless,
a fun game to play with your friends or alone when you want to pass your time with fun
animations and good characters’ moves.

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