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Harry Potter magic awakened

Release Date : Coming Soon in 2023


The famous fantasy series has now arrived as a game on your device. Harry Potter: Magic
Awakened is said to release globally later in 2023. You enter as a first-year student at Hogwarts;
as you board the Hogwarts express, you meet your new classmates and make new friends
around Hogwarts, learn to cast some exciting and fun magic spells, and experience an
unforgettable stay in the wizarding world. Play with some of the original characters from the
Harry Potter series, master magic, and become the best wizard known to Hogwarts. Harry
Potter: Magic Awakened provides the best RPG experience with a massive card collection.
Players can have wizard duels where they compete with each other using their spell cards and
characters. The cards collection is based on spells, characters, and fantastic beasts that fans
know from the original Harry Potter series, but with a unique touch. The game features real-time
strategic multiplayer battles like 1v1 and 2v2, where players can test their abilities by building
their decks with their friends and competing against players worldwide. Upto 80 cards consisting
of spells and fantastic beasts are available for players to customize their decks strategically
according to their playstyle and face their opponents in PvP battles.,
The game provides some additional features where players can roam freely in the corridors of
Hogwarts School (or fly on their broom if they want to), Solve Mysteries as they roam around,
play Quidditch – a sport invented by the author of Harry Potter, which the fans may be familiar
with. Have fun at the ball, tour the forbidden forest, and many more. You can also battle and
tame creatures around you with your magic skills and spells (Don’t worry, you will also have
some fantastic beasts by your side to help you fight them *wink*) and prevent hordes of angry
gnomes from attacking with the help of your friends. Discover more as you indulge in this
strategic role-playing game based on your favorite fictional series.


Harry Potter magic awakened



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