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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a horror survival game where players play as a citizen who has just moved
into the neighborhood, finds their neighbor suspicious, and tries to break into their house. The
goal is to successfully reach the neighbor’s basement and discover what dark secrets the
neighbor is hiding. You have to avoid getting caught by the neighbor to win.
In Hello Neighbor, you come face-to-face against an intelligent AI which adapts to your playstyle
and sets traps on the way to catch you around the house based on where you go. You must
avoid the traps, and obviously the neighbor himself, and reach the basement successfully and
escape from there to uncover the neighbor’s dark truth. In Hello Neighbor, If the neighbor spots
you around the house, he will chase you down, and if you are not quick enough to hide or
escape, he will hold you, hostage.
You can throw items at the neighbor and stun him, which will help you escape but do not think
he will stop looking for you. He will always be on the lookout, and if he finds even a slight
movement, he will get suspicious and come for you. If you fail to escape in Hello Neighbor, you
will be sent to your house and required to break in again from the start; the neighbor will be
more careful around the house and have already set up traps from your previous try to break in.
You can turn this off in the settings so that the neighbor does not set traps, but he will still be
more cautious than before.
Hello Neighbor features very intense and survival-type gameplay. You have to solve multiple
puzzles and gather and collect items required to reach the neighbor’s basement. The neighbor
must not catch you. If you think you are smart enough, the neighbor will always be two steps
ahead of you. If you are thinking of breaking in through the front door, expect surveillance
cameras, considering going in through the window? Be sure to find a bear trap there.

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