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Evil Nun 2 Origins

A first-person survival horror game, a prequel to the original Evil Nun. The game features the
original antagonist, Sister Madeline. Your goal is to escape the evil nun “ Sister Madeline “ by all
means. Explore the surroundings and find valuable items to craft weapons and useful resources
which will help you escape. The 3d graphics and horrifying sound effects set the perfect mood
for an extremely horror game and give you the chills you are looking for.
The controls are easy and user-friendly. Make sure the nun does not see you moving around the
school, or else she will catch you and punish you. Move swiftly and silently, collect required
items, solve interesting puzzles, read the notes you will find around yourself, and escape the
evil nun. Explore all the secret places, find escape routes and plan a perfect strategy. This
horror game has a larger map than the previous one, so be sure to explore all of it and calculate
your escape accordingly.
Unlike the original Evil Nun, Sister Madeline isn’t your only enemy; You will find terrifying
monsters when you go into certain rooms, which will haunt you around the school and make it
hard for you to escape. This horror game is not like your ordinary horror games; it features an
extreme level of suspense and terror you will feel when you find Sister Madeline and many other
horrific monsters on the hunt for you.
The storyline is continued from the original Evil Nun and is a continued version. Sister Madeline
captures William, who is soon to be the blue-handed boy who Sister Madeline will sacrifice to
bring her dead daughter “Elisa” back to life. A demon named “ Nazrat” orders Sister Madeline to
pray for him or else she will turn evil, and if she is a bad mother, she will turn ugly, which she
does become later in the game, which proves that she disobeyed Nazrat’s orders.

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