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Smiling-X Horror & Scary game

This scary game is best for you if you love horror games. In this game, you are stuck in your
office when you turn off your computer. Your boss and secretary turn evil, and you must escape
the office along with your co-workers. You can use weapons and other valuable items to escape
and save yourself in time of need. Your boss plans to unleash zombies upon the world, and his
secretary sides with him on his evil plan to destroy the world.
This best scary game features two game modes: survival – where you have to survive the office
without having to play the storyline and adventure – where you solve puzzles and find clues to
escape the office and uncover the dark secrets of your boss and his secretary. Zombies and
terrifying creatures will follow you around the office, and your goal is to escape! You can create
bombs and weapons to destroy the monsters and destroy the office itself, but don’t forget you
have your co-workers to save with yourself.
Solve many exciting puzzles in this best scary game and indulge in an environment of suspense
and terror. Escape the office before the monsters get you and save the world from your boss’s
evil plan. Line up the perfect strategy, collect the required items, escape the office with your
friends, and save the world from your boss’s mischievous plan. Find passwords to secret
pathways only programmers can see, track the movement of the automated robots, and act
accordingly to escape.
Smiling X is the best scary game on the Google play store, with over 5 Million downloads, and is
positively rated by gamers globally. The game has an exciting storyline, and the graphics and
sound effects are top-notch. The game is positively rated by thousands of gamers and is
recommended for every scary game lover.

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