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Sons of the Forest

Release Date: February 23, 2023

A sequel to the acclaimed first-person open-world survival horror title “The Forest” where you
find yourself stranded on a terrifying, mysterious island after a devastating helicopter crash. The
game is said to be released on 23rd February 2023. The plot is to locate a billionaire on a
remote island where you find yourself accompanied by cannibal creatures, some who resemble
humans and some like something you have never witnessed before.
The goal is to survive on the island alone or with friends. Share items, build defenses, and
explore the island from above and below with your friends. You can freely craft, build, and
collect to protect yourself from the horrifying creatures around you. The game offers players
complete freedom where they can choose how the game works without having to follow
redundant orders from Non-Playable Characters. You will have to fight monsters armed with
pistols, stun batons, axes, and many other weapons; collect these weapons and build your
armory to fight off these creatures. You can create your shelter according to your free will,
whether you want to build a huge seaside house or a small hut. Fortify your home, set traps,
and build larger and stronger walls to protect yourself from the creatures at all times. Gather and
store food in summer for the cold winters; as the seasons change, you will not be the only one
looking for food.
Players are free to choose every action in the game and progress accordingly—break sticks to
keep themselves warm at night and cook meals. Many in-game mechanics like killing animals
and gathering their meat, scaring off creatures with multiple things, and sharpening your sticks
and weapons to deal more damage are available in the game. Explore more and uncover
mysteries as you indulge in the game and survive your way on this remote island.


Sons of the Forest



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