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Train Station 2 Train Games

A perfect fit for tycoon lovers. Train Station 2 is a strategy game for train enthusiasts in which
players build their own railway empire and collect multiple trains and expand their tycoon. The
goal is to upgrade and grow your tycoon by collecting raw materials and producing various
products, which you later trade with contractors who will give you something useful in return.
The game features a number of real-life trains, which you can upgrade later when you further
progress in the game. There are multiple rarities of the trains; the rarer the train, the better it is.
Players can buy new trains and upgrade their existing trains using the in-game currency, which
can be earned by completing various tasks and challenges, and if a task does not meet your
requirements, you can always switch to a better and more compatible one.
Players can complete contracts and perform rail engine logistics jobs which helps them advance
in the game and unlock new tasks and levels. You can dispatch your trains to collect resources
and transport them to the contractor while you sit at ease. You can team up with your friends or
fellow tycoon owners during various events occurring in the game.
The game requires an active internet connection as you connect with various players all across
the globe and also compete in the leaderboard. Have fun building your railway and progressing
as you collect your favorite trains and play with train enthusiasts from every corner of the world.

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