the rise of mobile video games

The Rise Of Mobile Online Video Games Over The Years

Mobile video games have given the world a different definition of gaming. Android and IOS are both good in their own ways. But most people go for Android when looking for a gaming phone. 

When it comes to gaming, Android has played its part in giving users state-of-the-art gaming technology and high-end specifications. Today we will talk about how Android took over the mobile gaming world by storm.

The reason behind the rise of Mobile gaming:

Mobile gaming has been in the industry for quite a while, but the drastic increase in mobile online video games showed up in mid 2020. When covid hit the world. People searching for a source of entertainment switched to mobile gaming and got really hooked on it. The devs started working more on the mobile versions of games. Due to a massive increase in traffic on mobile platforms.

the rise of mobile video game

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The history of Mobile gaming:

Android gaming skyrocketed as soon as 2004 when Gameloft first released. The Asphalt GT for mobile devices, which later led to the release of many racing titles that year. At first, people were afraid to invest in the mobile gaming industry. But as soon as they saw that many players preferred mobile gaming over PCs and consoles. They started releasing mobile versions of famous titles.

Why people prefer mobile gaming and the reason behind its popularity:

We all know people have become really busy these days, and most of us don’t even have the time to boot up our PCs and consoles. So we prefer a quick match on our handheld devices without any hassle of waiting for our setups to bootup.

Another reason for the rise of mobile gaming is that most people can not afford to buy expensive PCs and consoles. Which is why they prefer to play games on their mobile devices. Most of which are androids, that’s there is a rise in mobile online video games.

One of the primary reasons for the rise of mobile video games is that they are easier to develop and deploy than PC and console games. Mobile games don’t require much detail and are inexpensive to develop as well.

Pokemon GO has also been a game changer for the mobile gaming industry. As it introduced the unique concept of AR to gamers. There was a time when you could spot everyone around you engrossed in their phones. They trying to catch little Pokemon, and maybe you, too, were one of those who was catching Pokemon and taking over other people’s virtual gyms. The game had a stunning record of up to 100 Million players globally in the first month of its release.

Famous companies like EA and Ubisoft have put their hands into the mobile gaming industry. They have been releasing famous titles for both Android and IOS like the infamous franchise Assasin’s Creed has a mobile version as well. Of course, how can we forget the acclaimed racing legend Need For Speed. EA released a mobile version of the game called Need For Speed: No limits.

nfs android video game

The future of Mobile gaming:

It’s safe to say that mobile gaming is going to stay in the industry and is up for the long run. As new and improved games with stunning visuals and notable titles have been and are sure to be released in the near future. Because of the reason that mobile gaming is financially affordable for video game developers. Many players have switched to mobile over the last few years.

Maybe somewhere in the near future, Mobile gaming may replace Console and PC gaming. As developers may introduce the awesome graphics and visuals on mobile phones by optimizing them enough.

A great example of that is the new racing game released recently called CarX Street. Which offers players a vast open world where they can race and free roam at ease. The game contains a variety of realistic car models and sound effects. And the visuals in the game are just crisp. Surely the developers have put blood and sweat into the making of the game and have surely mimicked Forza Horizon on mobile. They may be the first developers to introduce such amazing graphics on mobile phone devices. The game can also be played online, where you can race with players or free roam. And drift around with them on the huge open world map.

carx street video game

Monetization and Marketing from Mobile gaming:

Indeed with this much traffic on mobile devices, there comes a great chance for advertisers to show off their content. A study shows that more than 5 billion hours are spent every day on Android gaming, and with this much traffic, how can advertisers miss this golden chance. This is the reason why most games are constantly flooding with annoying ads. The developers throw in some rewards in exchange for watching a number of advertisements which is somewhat beneficial to both parties.

video games

Final words

The gaming section has been the most searched and viewed section on both Google Play Store and the App store, which proves that many people have indeed switched to mobile gaming and which is a motivation for developers to improve and create better games.

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