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PUBG Mobile still continues to be one of the most-played mobile games all across the globe. Despite the easy controls and gameplay, many players still seem to struggle when it comes to the real gameplay due to them lacking in some areas due to the hard-to-master firing and movement mechanics. The rank pushers usually play a passive game, whereas the average player opts for a rather aggressive gameplay which leads to them dying early in the game and not being able to win or rack up many kills. In this blog, we will let you know how you can improve your gameplay and become a PUBGM pro with the best Pubg Mobile tips and tricks. These Pubg tricks will also help you to win chicken dinner.

1. Knowing where to land

It is crucial to know where you have to land as it is the basic and most fundamental part of the game to know your landing spot, depending on your playstyle and how you want to pursue the game. If you want to play an aggressive game and get as many kills as possible, then you should probably go for a hot drop. In contrast, if you are trying to play a slow and enjoyable game and want to survive till the end, then you must go for a passive landing spot where you can find the best loot and collect three to four kills on your way out.

knowing where to land

2. Using the surroundings as a cover

Buildings and obstacles are great at protecting you from the enemy. However, you can also use your surroundings to seek cover at times of need. If you try to locate a hill or some higher ground, then you can easily take cover from the enemy as they won’t be able to hit you due to higher ground. This tip will provide you with a lot more coverage than usual and can also provide you with a quicker escape route as compared to hiding in a building. Another plus point of seeking shelter in the terrain around you is that grenades are almost ineffective here as you can easily run away and change the cover, whereas, in buildings, a well-placed grenade can easily be the end of you.

using the surroundings as a cover

3. Use weapons with the highest damage rate

As we all must be familiar with the game, PUBG Mobile has an arsenal of weapons at our disposal, and there is a wide variety to choose from. It even gets quite difficult for many players who are new to the game to choose the best weapon, as there is a whole collection of ARs, Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, and LMGs. However, players who want to play an aggressive game and want to get the most kills should opt for guns that provide a rather higher damage rate than the rest so that you can efficiently knock out your opponent in both mid and close-range fights. According to the stats on the PUBGM website, the SMGs and ARs equipped with 7.62 mm ammo offer the most damage rate. This is one of the best tip in Pubg Mobile tips and tricks.

use weapons with the highest damage rate

4. Keep your energy boosted in the end game

When approaching the end game, it is advised that you drink energy drinks and consume painkillers to keep your boost levels up so that you can move efficiently in the end game and regain health if you lose some. It is better to consume all those boost items than to have them go to waste. These type of Pubg tips can help you a lot in the game as you won’t have to worry about late-game fights as well as recover health during a fight.

keep your energy boosted in the end game

5. Use TPP to your advantage

The TPP mode in PUBG Mobile is one of the most used and loved camera modes by players in the game, as it offers many advantages during a competitive match. You can easily peak and rush enemies and can also climb on objects that are higher than the ground, lurk over the enemies, get a clear view, and plan your attack effectively. This is one of the best Pubg tips in this blog.

use TPP to your advantage

6. Using Bushes to hide

As ironic as it sounds, bushes can act as a great cover and can help you a lot when it comes to hiding from the enemy. You can calmly sit in a bush, and it is quite likely that someone will just walk past you without noticing. Bushes provide no sturdy cover but can be a great hiding spot as your enemy won’t even notice where they got shot from. This trick will help you to hide from your enemy.

using bushes to hide

7. Always Use Headphones

Having a good pair of headphones on you is a must when playing PUBG, as this game is a lot more than just gunfires, explosions, and people running around. You always have to look out when your enemy is sneaking up on you, lurking on you, or approaching you on foot or in vehicles. Headphones can also alert you about ongoing fights near you and whether you are likely to get attacked by the enemy or not. So follow this tip to be active in the game.

always use headphones

8. Communicate with your squad efficiently

If you are playing with friends, then it is necessary that you communicate with your squad almost all the time because, as the famous saying goes, “ Teamwork makes the dream work.” Therefore, in order to achieve greatness in the BR mode, teams should stick together and actively use the voice chat and voice commands presets to alert their squad mates about the enemies, when and when not to pick a fight, and when to rush the opponent, and where to land. This tip can help squads survive much longer than usual, as communication can drastically improve gameplay, and you can get a lot more kills than you normally do by properly giving out calls to your squad mates. Pro tip: Never rush alone for the greed of kills.

communicate with your squad efficiently

9. Play on the best possible graphic settings

PUBG Mobile is best played on the highest level graphics that your device can support, providing smooth gameplay along with stable FPS. This can provide you with a competitive advantage against other players who are playing on low-end devices. The highest possible setting in the game currently is 90 FPS, for which you will also need a device that supports 90 FPS, but on the plus side, a refresh rate of 90 Hz means that the game will be a lot smoother for you, and the controls will respond to you smoothly.
play on the best possible graphic settings

10. Choose your battles Wisely

This statement clearly does not mean that you do not pick fights. All we are trying to say here is that you should analyze your enemy wisely before rushing into them straight up. For instance, check what weapons they are carrying, take a look at your health and armor, check your ammo, and see if you have your weapons reloaded. You don’t mindlessly rush a person who is heavily armed while you are carrying a basic AR; however, in this case, you can surely take on a person who is in your vision and can be seen carrying around a shotgun. The whole purpose of this tatement is that before picking a fight, check if you can really compete against your enemy in terms of equipment (check that you are not underpowered.)

choose your battles wisely

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