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Advantages Of Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have been around for a long time. Humans tend to be attracted to whatever tricks intrigue the brain and spend more time doing it to find the best possible solution. Whatever it is that you may find problematic, be it a game or a real-life task, you’ll give it your best to solve it. Just like that, puzzle games are engrossing to humans because they give us a sense of problem-solving, improve our cognitive skills, and exercise our brains. In this blog, we will discuss the cognitive benefits of puzzle games.

What are cognitive skills:

Cognitive skills are the prime skills that enable us to think, reason, learn, read, memorize, and pay attention. Without cognitive skills, we would not be able to function properly. They are core skills that help us at school, work, and every aspect of life. Cognitive skills help us reason,  differentiate, compare, and comprehend things in our daily lives.  

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How puzzle games help our cognitive skills.

It’s basic human nature that whatever challenges our mind fascinates it even more. The things that challenge us improve our problem-solving skills and critical thinking. An example of which is puzzle games. Puzzle games are an ideal source of entertainment, but apart from that, they also serve many other purposes. Puzzle games train our brains, improve our problem-solving capabilities, improve memory and reasoning, teach us patience, and enable us to think efficiently in critical situations.

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Mental exercise.

Puzzle games are a great mental exercise that improves our mood and teaches us how to stay calm in difficult situations and where and when to make a particular decision. Studies show that people who tend to play puzzle games are better at tackling and handling real-life problems than ordinary people. The prime reason for this is that puzzle games train our minds to stay calm in every situation, think things out properly, and make the correct decisions.


Playing puzzle games improves problem-solving skills because when you are playing a typical puzzle game, be it crossword, chess, sudoku, or any other, it teaches you to think differently and allows you to look for patterns. When you are playing a puzzle game, you are focused on the game, and you look for shorter ways to tackle the situation effectively. You make logical decisions based on your cognitive skills and reason your thoughts while making the decision.

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Improved memory and reasoning.

While playing puzzle games, we look for patterns, just like we discussed above. When you solve puzzles for a while, your cognitive skills begin to improve, and you can se visible change in yourself when making decisions in real life and performing everyday tasks. This looking for patterns improves the connections between our brain cells and allows us to think effectively and efficiently. Solving puzzles will enable us to learn and memorize certain patterns which improves our short-term memory.

Improved IQ.

Playing puzzle games drastically improves our IQ because by playing puzzle games, you are made to think faster, and you can easily reason between things. This results in an increased Intelligence Quotient and helps you make everyday decisions easily, whether they are in your workplace or your school.

Attention to detail.

As we all know, details are crucial when you are playing a puzzle game. You never know when you might miss a minor detail or clue which can lead you to solving the whole puzzle. Puzzle games are played with a present mind so that you are always aware of each and every detail. This trains your senses to always be mindful of your surroundings and notice every little detail, which results in increasing your cognitive skills.

Patience and critical thinking.

Puzzle games are a great source of patience, as we all know. The things that are the hardest to master are the most essential in life. Puzzle games teach us patience and perseverance by making us go through a number of thick and thins to reach our goal and ultimately solve the problem. These skills matter the most in every aspect of life, and there is no better way to learn these other than through puzzle games. Puzzle games are a source of both entertainment and spiritual learning.


While playing puzzle games, you will lose and find yourself stuck and at some point, you will be close to giving up. You will feel dispensable, but you will keep on try again and again until you reach your goal. All this effort will result in improving your cognitive skills and prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Final words

Puzzle games are suitable for entertainment and can improve the cognitive skills of people of all ages. These skills are essential for people at every stage of life and help you build your personality. No matter how old you are and where you belong, you will require cognitive skills to succeed in life and become the best version of yourself.

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