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Top 10 Best Horror Games in 2023

 Turn off all the lights, close the doors and get  ready because we have top 10 best horror games for you all. Which are given below. 

1. Resident Evil village

For Resident Evil Village, the high standards set by its excellent predecessor were a hardship. Resident evil village didn’t quite live to the lofty reality that had been placed on it in several areas. However, it’s hard to deny that this game used Resident Evil 7’s ideas, figures, and plot strands to accomplish some very amazing things.

Resident Evil Village contains some great uses of a tiny bit of traditional horror that you have ever seen in a Resident Evil game. Although everything has a scientific explanation (of sorts), Village’s gothic atmosphere and vintage creature designs happily harken back to the origins of the horror genre.

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2. Dark wood

 Zombie games devalue the importance of soundtrack try Darkwood, one of the best independent horror games, if you ever need to get a reminder of how terrible a far-off knock or a simple scratching noise can be. In this top-down horror game, a strange man is preparing mushrooms in a home situated in the middle of a plague-infected forest. When it is light outside, you are able to move through the infected forest, fighting off rabid dogs, obtaining supplies, and trying to figure out what you are and how you got here. However, at night, your only option is to go home and wait for your nighttime fantasies to pass.

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3. Alien Isolation

In the horror game Alien: Isolation, players are trapped on a space station with a (spoiler) enormous, scary alien that, thanks to cunning AI and scenario design, is more terrible than it should ever be.

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4. Alan wake

Alan Wake is a terrific horror thriller with a thousand of different personality throughout. May be you ever seen this comparison before, but it’s very famous mystery show. Naturally, the main character in Alan Wake is a man by the name of Alan Wake. As a result of his severe case of writer’s block, award-winning author Alan is brought to Bright Falls, Washington, by his wife. He does begin writing once more, but only under the power of a malicious force that is now giving life to his book. As a result of that horrible experience, a big part of this game reads like a horror story. With a simple change in lighting, Alan Wake’s levels may change from friendly to menacing. The game also knows when to pile on the scares and when to give players a break, if only to take away any feeling of security with more tension and dread shortly after.

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5. Resident Evil 7

Death from Resident Evil 7. By presenting it in first person, this game succeeded to retain the essential elements that make Resident Evil so amazing. Though at first it might not appear to be a Resident Evil game at all, after playing for about an hour, everything starts to make sense, especially in terms of the horror elements. The major antagonists are mutated people, who since they are so much more plausible than standard zombies, come across as considerably more horrific. One of the most unforgettable moments of the generation occurs when you are seated at the Baker family’s dinner table at about the 30-minute mark (you know the one). It definitely sets the tone, but we won’t give anything away.

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6. Phasmophobia

 Phasmophobia is primarily a horror game, you may think of it as a co-op detective game as you and up to three other investigators investigate a haunted site to determine what kind of ghost is spookily terrorizing the area before reporting back. To navigate the dark, congested hallways and eerily quiet rooms, you’ll need teamwork, your best detective hat, and stable nerves.

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7. Out last

Outlast’s Employing the ‘found footage’ style of contemporary horror cinema. Outlast is a first person which gives you an idea of what the game has in store for those who dare to play it. . These tropes might be well and truly covered in cinema, but horror games can make the most out of these clichés, and Outlast is the proof. However, the frightening truth of the matter is that nothing can properly prepare you for what the experience of actually playing Outlast is really like.

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8. Metro Exodus

In one tempting post-apocalyptic slice of Russia, Metro Exodus has a variety of games: it’s an FPS with a heavy metal soundtrack a la Wolfe stein as well as a story-focused family drama. On the way to the thrilling Metro Exodus conclusion, there are numerous spine-tingling horror game segments.

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9. Dead space

Dead Space does so many things exceptionally well. The deft storytelling, the simple user interface, the amazing Necromorph designs, the hard sci-fi themes, the sound design… In almost every category that we use to praise and evaluate survival horror games, Dead Space is a master class. But Dead Space’s action is what really makes it stand out.

Dead Space strikes a good mix between a truly terrifying horror experience and a combat system that is only moderately active. While still providing the foundation for some of the game’s most memorable scares, Dead Space’s gameplay manages to break up the monotony of a more conventional horror title.

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10. Blood Borne

This game take place in a grimdark world where the civilization has crumbled and everyone either undead, insane, or both. That’s to say nothing of all the horror wildlife. Blood borne takes horror in the Souls borne genre to a different level. Even though Blood borne Software is an action-role-playing game, horror is undoubtedly at its core. The world of Yharnam is nothing short of scary, with gothic and Victorian architecture as well as Lovecraftian foes to face. Bosses range from huge spiders to electric behemoths with skull faces, and blood gushes out of opponents with every slice.

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