Top 10 Games on Google Play Store In 2023

Top 10 Play store Games

1. Free-Fire Max

The first game in the top 10 play store games is Free-Fire Max. Despite the complete ban on this game by the Indian government, Garena’s Free Fire Max is still available there. 

The shooting experience in Free Fire Max is very similar to that of BGMI. Free Fire Max is actually a battle royale shooter with a variety of multiplayer options, including Squad Fight To the death, Brooding Loner, and Clash Squad. New game content, including as game modes, cosmetics, and weaponry, are constantly added.

free fire one of the top 10 play store games


2. Gta-Vice City

A few years ago, GTA Vice City, a unique game, was released for Android devices. The game is set with in 1980s and offers a personality story in a sizable open world, just like the first one. Additionally, GTA Vice City supports controllers, so you can completely avoid using touch controls. 

A fantastic plot including gangsters, weapons, crime, and a tonne of action can be found in GTA Vice City.

gta vice city character fighting with police


3. Mine Craft

The fans most favorite Mine craft experience is available on your mobile phones, with multiplayer support. 

Your Android smartphones display Mine Craft’s distinctive block-shaped worlds beautifully. Anyone can enjoy Survival or Creative mode, just like on the PC version; in fact, anyone may compete pass on a private server. 

In Mine Craft, players can explore a variety of biomes while avoiding deadly pieces that will try to harm you.

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free game minecraft


4.  Asphalt 9 legends

The popular game in the series, 9 Legends, enhances the tried-and-true concept of task racing with incredible feats.The game offers a sizable selection of vehicles from manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, W Motors, and others. Along with several car modification choices, Asphalt 9 also has real-world race tracks and events.

best car racing games for android


5. World cricket champion 3

Icc Cricket world Tournament #3 is a realistic cricket simulation game with appealing controls and a number of gaming elements. It is one of the top 10 play store games in 2023.

Hitting, bowling, and fielding are all motion-captured in the game, which gives them an authentic feel when you’re playing. 

There are numerous venues and competition types, which include the Tournament, Limited overs, Triangular Games, Domestic Cricket, Ashes, and more. 

In addition to these, you can establish and manage your own cricket team to enhance their reputation.

play cricket online


6. Dead trigger 2

 A zombie first-person shooter game, a hit with online users. It describe it as a “nonstop FPS Action Zombie Shooter” on the Play Store. It has received an amazing 110 million downloads too far. Short mission gameplay makes it suitable for mobile gaming.

zombie games


7. Mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat features a large cast of characters, featuring Ruby Blades, Viper, Samurai Kitana, and many more, just like its PC and console versions. Multiplayer only one or multiplayer combat is available in the game, and you can assemble a group of 3 characters to vanquish your adversaries.

The 3v3 single-player or multiplayer combat in the game allows you to assemble a team of three characters to take out your adversaries.

best mortal kombat game


8. Genshin impact

Tevyat is the setting for the vast and fantastic open world in this game. Users and your sibling have come to Tevyat from another world, but a mysterious God separates you two. 

You must now all travel across Tevyat to ask your Lord of each element for clarification, With the help of the seven elements, you can battle creatures in the game’s elemental combat system, which includes a variety of characters.

crystal top up genshin impact


9. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a fighting game, which means you have to beat your opponents up and try to be the last one standing. But instead of being a classic fighting game like Street Fighter, you have to knock your opponents off the stage to win.

best brawlhalla legends


10. Apex legends mobile

Apex Legend Smartphone is an Android and iOS hero shooter that Respawn recently released. It has a sizable cast of individuals with unique tactical skills. 

Due to sliding and swift mobility, Apex Legends Mobile feels considerably faster paced than BGMI and Free Fire Max. To add an additional thrilling element to the gameplay, Apex Legends Mobile also contains a Legend named Fade that is exclusive to mobile devices as well as a mobile-only perk system.

mobile legends free download

These all games are covered under the top 10 play store games in 2023. Go and download the game to enjoy!

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