At NewOne Games, we understand the importance of trust and respect your privacy. Our Cookies Policy will guide you in detail on what cookies are, how we utilize them to enhance your experience, and how can you control them.

Define Cookies?

When you open any website there are small text files called cookies that stored on your desktop or smartphones. Their main goal is to improve user experience by recognizing you every time you revisit the website and gives you exact information according to your preferences and settings.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies to enhance user experience by following:

  • Analyze website traffic and usage patterns to improve our website and services.
  • Gives you customize experience by providing you exact information according to your preferences and settings.
  • Provide you with relevant, targeted advertisements.

Types of Cookies We Use

  • Essential cookies: These are required for the proper functioning of NewOne Games website and cannot be disabled.
  • Analytical cookies: They help us count and understand our website’s visitors, their movements, and it works.
  • Targeting cookies: These are used for targeting keep track of your visits, the pages you view, and the links you click for making it more useful to you.

How to Manage Cookies

You can manage or turn off stored cookies in your browser settings. Most of the browsers allow you to delete or block cookies. However, be aware that this might affect your browsing experience or limit access to some of our services.

Changes to Our Cookies Policy

Our Cookies Policy may change over time so, will keep you in loop by announcing on our website.

Contact Us

For any questions or complaints regarding our cookies policy feel free to contact us at Your privacy matters to us.